Download Movies and More from 1337x

Veteran BitTorrent users are sure to know the name of 1337x. It’s a torrent site that’s been around for many years and is known for having an excellent and lively community. 1337x organises torrents, sorting them by featured, most popular, international, and several other categories. 1337x has a lot of popular categories and offers the ability to view the most popular torrents in categories such as music and movies.


1337x allows you to download movies, games, TV shows, music, anime, applications, documentaries, and more. If for any reason the website’s content is blocked from your use, you can get access to your favourite torrents by using 1337x mirror sites. Download the 1337x videos mac you want by finding the torrents you need to find your desired torrent. Folx works as an excellent 1337x downloader on Mac to download movies.

How to Download Videos from 1337x

The first thing to do is download Folx itself and launch the app. Folx is completely free to use so you’ll be able to start right away. Load up and find the file you need to download and open the magnet link. This brings up a pop-up to open Folx if you’ve selected the “Use Folx to catch download links in browsers” option in Folx preferences. Click the button to open Folx and paste the magnet link into the app. Choose your settings and press OK to start the 1377x movies download.


1. Create the download task by doing one of the following:

  • Open the main menu and choose File > New Task.
  • Press the + button to the top of the main window.
  • Click on a download link (Torrent/Magnet download) on a 1337 torrent page after enabling “Use Folx to catch download links in browsers” in the preferences.

2. Choose download options:

  • URL: paste the URL for the file.
  • Tags: Assign a tag to the torrent ("Other" is the default setting).
  • Save to: Designate a download path.
  • Choose your own download path or leave it set to automatic to allow Folx to assign a download path based on the chosen tags (default save locations can be adjusted through the Tags page in Preferences). Assigning extra tags doesn’t alter the download path as Folx creates a link to the content in each additional directory.
  • Start: Choose whether the download will start automatically, manually, or to a schedule.
  • Split Into: Choose how many threads the download will be split into.
  • Rename: Choose a new name if necessary.
  • Referrer: A referrer is an HTTP header field identifying the webpage that linked you to the resource you are downloading. Some websites require you to have a referrer URL to download the content.
  • Description: Give the files being downloaded a description.
  • Authentication: Enter login information for the server if necessary (read through our section on Password Manager for more information).
  • Set as Default: choose this option to remember the current settings to automatically use these settings the next time a torrent is downloaded.

3. Click OK to begin the download process.

While Folx is a free torrent downloader, the developers offer a Pro version with additional Pro features:

  • Users of the Pro version are able to use the Folx interface to search and download torrents directly. Enter a query into the search bar and choose the torrent you want from the results.
  • Authentication: Enter login information for the server if necessary (read through our section on Password Manager for more information).
  • Schedule downloads to be performed at a set time during the day.
  • Speed control: use the dropdown menu to adjust the global speed limits.
  • Folx has a built-in password manager allowing users to store their passwords for different websites, meaning users don’t have to remember and enter them all manually. Only 2 passwords can be remembered by the free version, while the pro version allows for as many passwords to be saved as necessary.