Best Torrent Search Engines in 2020 [100% Working]

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Anyone that has used torrents at least once in their life knows that there are a lot of torrent websites out there. Automatically, that means there are billions of torrent files ready to be downloaded by users. However, what is the difference between a torrent site and a torrent search engine? After what happened with KAT, more and more torrent sites started to call themselves search engines. They claim not to host any torrent files but merely allow users to search other torrent sites for the desired content. If you are looking for the best torrent search engines, you are in the right place because in this article we are going to explore this subject thoroughly. But before we jump into the action, it is very important to first think about your privacy and protect yourself of any indiscretion from your Internet Service Provider.

List of the best torrent search sites

As promised, we are delivering the torrent search engines list so that you will have no issues in finding all the favorite torrent files. We are opening this list with Torrentz2, the successor of Torrentz. Just like its predecessor, Torrentz2 has a strong database of torrents that it looks through when any user types in a query in the search box. Whoever is looking for a reliable search engine torrent can safely access Torrentz2 knowing that they will browse through over 61 million torrent files on more than 96 different domains.

  • Best Features. Exceptionally capable torrent search engine; Gives users access to 61 million torrents.
  • What can be Added? We can’t really see anything missing from Torrentz2.
Torrentz2 search engine delivers a totally different experience compared to other torrent search engines. Instead of just giving you a search bar and some of the most popular searches, this bit torrent search engine comes with entire search trends for the most popular queries. The user interface is extremely clean and neat, allowing you to view different categories of torrent files and making the entire experience a lot more enjoyable.

  • Best Features. Search in over 600 torrent websites for the best results.
  • What can be Added? Nothing really. It might be a good idea to reduce the number of graphics since it can get confusing for new users. search engine

Whenever you need to find torrent files quickly, make sure you visit TorrentSeeker as it is a robust search index that uses a custom-made Google search to locate torrent files on over 100 websites. It comes with an easy to use and straightforward interface. While the results of your search might feel a bit hard to go through, it still does an exceptional job as a torrent search engine.

  • Best Features. Tailor-made search results, minimal User Interface, big torrent database.
  • What can be Added? Some filtering options would be excellent to make it easier to locate the torrents within the search results.
TorrentSeeker search

Next on our list of potent torrent search engines, this Google-inspired website that does not try to hide it one bit. The name itself is a combination of the words torrent and Google and similar to the search engine it was inspired from and Torrentz2, they only have the search bar on their homepage. It is capable of very fast searches and it looks on more than 450 torrent sites for results.

  • Best Features. Minimalist UI, search in more than 450 websites simultaneously.
  • What can be Added? Some filtering options would be excellent to make it easier to locate the torrents within the search results.
Toorgle torrent search

Moving on with our torrent engine search list, we have Veoble. A dark torrent search engine but only in appearance since the background is mostly black. Otherwise, it is a very powerful tool that is quickly gaining popularity. It is built on custom Google searches, it also allows an image search option for its users. After you make the initial search, you can cut down the results by using the built-in filters.

  • Best Features. Based on custom Google search; allows a lot of filters to be added’ many popular sources included.
  • What can be Added? A small tutorial on how to search wouldn’t hurt. Fewer ads would also be welcome.
Veoble torrent search

Another great torrent search engine comes from Xtorx. The homepage is simple and it only delivers the search bar, making it very similar to Google. It generates instant search results, however, it doesn’t have a further filtering option. This is not such a big inconvenient since Xtorx also delivers the URL for the torrent sites where it found results.

  • Best Features. Straightforward User Interface; Accurate and Fast; No ads.
  • What can be Added? Nothing to add.
Xtorx torrent search engine

Next in line for the best torrent search engines examples, we have a website with a curious name. When you read it, it sounds like ‘Snowfall’ and it delivers a very good service. Apart from the occasional ads, you get the search field on the homepage and the results are delivered underneath. It works on the same principle of a custom Google search so you can expect incredibly-fast results. You will find that most of the top results come from The Pirate Bay.

  • Best Features. Plenty filters to choose from; Very fast and easy to use.
  • What can be Added? The filtering might be a bit tricky for new users, a tutorial would be welcome.
Snowfl torrent search engine

Your first contact with Zoogle will get you thinking that you opened a media streaming website. You get a small search bar on the left corner of the screen while the rest of the visible area is filled with images. Those are the most popular categories for the searches and you can click on these images to get more details. After clicking on the images, you get several download options that might get you the needed content without using the search bar at all.

  • Best Features. User-friendly; searches across all content types; extra filtering.
  • What can be Added? Nothing to add.
Zoogle torrent for the search

TorrentZeta can be described as a clone for the Torrentz search engine that is no longer operational. However, in functionality, we are dealing with way more than just a clone website. As you type your query for the search, you will receive real-time results and another great aspect about TorrentZeta comes from the few ads it displays.

  • Best Features. Great User Interface, Torrentz-inspired; big torrent database covered.
  • What can be Added? After getting the search results the UI can be a little hectic.
TorrentZeta search

The Pirate Bay is the world’s first major torrent search engine and it has enjoyed a lot of popularity over the years. Dubbed the number 1 torrent site at some point, there are still a lot of users that consider it to be the best torrent website to ever exist. The original interface and the artwork make it distinctive while the instant search results got it the ‘Google of Torrents’ nickname.

  • Best Features. Most used torrent search engine.
  • What can be Added? Nothing to add.
TPB torrent engine

Another torrent search engine with a curious name, RARBG comes with a very neat and minimalist approach when it comes to their homepage. Searching for torrents is straightforward and you have several filtering possibilities as well as pre-defined categories to look into. It is considered to be one of the best torrent websites out there in close competition with 1337x.

  • Best Features. Huge torrent library; Easy to use interface.
  • What can be Added? Nothing to add.
RARBG torrent search

With a name that brings us back to the times of mIRC when combinations of digits and letter were used in nicks, 1337x is an exceptional torrent search engine. Especially efficient when it comes to movies, TV series and computer games, this torrent site offers all types of content for users that are looking to find high-quality torrents.

  • Best Features. One of the biggest search engines for TV series, movies and games.
  • What can be Added? A more stable hosting wouldn’t hurt as the site is down quite often.
1337x search engine

Last but not least in our list, is actually a clone of the renowned torrent index KAT. Short from KickAss Torrents, they were the kings of torrent websites for a big portion of the past. Big fans of the website did not accept the fact that the owners decided to shut it down and created clones that offer the same potent torrent search engines.

KAT torrent search engine

Make your torrenting safe with a VPN app

There are many torrent users out there that are looking for a reliable VPN that protects their connection and allows them to navigate privately and free on the Internet. We are going to provide you with some of the best choices when it comes to VPN services, however, we should first take a quick look at what exactly is a VPN and how does it work. The name is abbreviated from Virtual Private Network and it provides a network within a network. It basically creates a private network within the one provided by your ISP where you have full control and privacy. This allows you to safely send and receive data, without having to worry about curious eyes or censorship. At the same time, VPNs can be used to unlock certain websites that are not available in the geographical area where you live. You are welcome to use VPNs in everyday navigation just to make sure you are protected.

Final Thoughts

As you can notice, there are a lot of popular torrent indexes out there. Without a reliable torrent search engines, you may have a hard time identifying the content you want. Always be sure to have such a dependable torrent search engine handy to find your torrents fast and easy.