Getting Started with Torrents in 2020: Best Sites and Clients

Are you a torrent newbie or a seasoned veteran who would like to get back in the game after a prolonged hiatus from file sharing? If so, this article is for you. The torrent scene has changed dramatically since its early days, and many of the original sites are nowhere to be found today.

But just because the scene has changed doesn’t mean it no longer has anything to offer—far from it! Torrenting in 2020 is just as exciting as ever, especially when you learn what the best torrent websites and programs are.

Best Torrent Sites to follow in 2020

Knowledge is power, and the more you know about the torrent scene and the world of file sharing in general, the easier it is to find the content you’re looking for and avoid scammy sites that display malicious advertising to generate profit from their visitors.

Unsurprisingly, mainstream media seldom cover daily file sharing developments, such as when a new site launches or when one of the best torrent downloaders around becomes compromised. But fear not because there are several torrent sites whose goal is to keep the torrent community in the know.

If there’s one torrent site that you should definitely follow, it’s TorrentFreak. Founded by Amsterdam-based news maker Ernesto Van Der Sar, TorrentFreak is dedicated to bringing the latest news about copyright, privacy, and file sharing to netizens from around the world.

Unlike other similar sites who merely aggregate news stories from various mainstream media outlets and tech blogs, TorrentFreak produces its own independently researched articles, and its feature stories are among the most memorable pieces about the world of file sharing that you can find on the internet.

TorrentFreak has over 20,000 RSS subscribers, and the site is followed by nearly 200,000 people on various social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

The scene never sleeps, and new releases come out on a daily basis. If you’d like to know how quickly a game is cracked after launch, RLSLOG is the site to follow. This old-school website started publishing information about new scene releases in 2006, and it continues to do so to this day. RLSLOG splits its content into three main categories: applications, ebooks, and games. Apart from these three, the site also covers anime, tech news, and it occasionally posts something that doesn’t fall into any of the categories we’ve mentioned.

Each scene release posted by RLSLOG is accompanied by convenient download links, but you should think twice before clicking on any of them. In some countries, it’s perfectly legal to download content from file hosting servers such as those used by RLSLOG, but you may also get into serious legal trouble if your country isn’t among them.

In the next section of this article, we recommend top 5 best torrent sites 2018 + 2017, all of which are accessible without registration. But apart from public torrent sites, there are also hundreds of private torrent trackers whose doors are closed to everyone except for a select group of individuals who were either invited by another member or who followed Opentrackers and took advantage of a short signup opening.

Private torrent trackers tend to be much more limited in scope compared to public torrent trackers, but they more than make up for it with their top-notch organization and excellent content quality. It’s very rare for malware to find its way to a private torrent tracker, and when it does the culprit is instantly banished from the site.

Best Torrent Search Engines

Maybe you’ve tried searching for torrent files on Google or Bing and discovered that finding a legitimate torrent file is much more difficult than many media outlets would like you to believe. Because of various anti-piracy efforts, it has become almost impossible to find even completely legal torrent files on mainstream search engines. The good news is that there are many search engines whose sole purpose is to help users find torrents, and we’ve selected top 5 best torrent search engines for your convenience.

The Pirate Bay is the poster boy for torrenting. Founded in 2003 by a Swedish think tank. Despite the massive blow, The Pirate Bay has remained online to this day and continues to be among the 100 most visited websites online.

Top 5 Best Pirate Bay Proxies and Mirrors:

The Pirate Bay

Just like The Pirate Bay, KAT (also known as Kickass Torrents) has suffered many severe blows during its long fight for survival, and just like The Pirate Bay the site has managed to stay afloat and serve torrenting enthusiasts from around the world. Users appreciate KAT’s well-organized user interface that clearly presents all major features and makes it effortless to see which torrents are currently trending. Just be aware to always visit KAT through its official URL because there are many copycats around, and most are not ashamed to host malicious ads or cryptocurrency mining scripts.

Top 5 Best KAT Proxies and Mirrors:


RARBG is a clearly organized torrent search engine with six main categories: movies, XXX, TV shows, games, music, and software. RARBG requires all torrents have a detailed description and follow certain formatting guidelines. This makes the search engine a lot cleaner than The Pirate Bay or KAT, which is a major plus especially for newbies who might otherwise accidentally download low-quality torrents.

Top 5 Best RARBG Proxies and Mirrors:


Torrentz2 is a large meta search engine for torrent files that indexes dozens of search engines and combines their results together. Torrent meta search engines are especially useful if you’re not concerned too much with seeding and only want to find the most active torrent for download.

Top 5 Best Torrentz2 Proxies and Mirrors:


RuTracker is a massive semi-private tracker from Russia. It combines the organization of private trackers with the size of public trackers to deliver an excellent torrenting experience. The only downside is that RuTracker isn’t available in English, or at least not entirely. But with a bit of effort and Google Translate, you shouldn’t have too much trouble using it.

Top 5 Best RuTracker Proxies and Mirrors:

Best Torrent Clients

None of the major web browsers comes with a built-in torrent client. That’s not a problem since many torrent clients are available for every popular operating system. Below are five best torrent programs that are guaranteed to provide you with fast and stable download speeds and many useful features.

qBittorrent is an open source torrent client that runs on all major operating systems, including Linux, macOS, Windows, OS/2, and FreeBSD. It’s built using the Qt toolkit and libtorrent-rasterbar library, both of which are well-optimized and time-tested open source components. qBittorrent is available in over 70 languages, and its dedicated developers keep it active and competitive.

µTorrent is the most widely used torrent client outside China. Its name, which is the SI prefix “micro,” highlights its small memory footprint. µTorrent probably wouldn’t be as optimized as it is if the application supported other operating systems besides Windows, which is why the lack of multi-platform availability doesn’t make us too upset. Currently, µTorrent is also available on Android devices, but the Android version isn’t nearly as popular as its Windows counterpart.

Transmission is a versatile and lightweight torrent client with support for a variety of user interfaces. Because the application has native Mac, GTK+, and Qt GUI clients, it never looks nor feels out of place regardless of what operating system you run it on. There’s even a command line Transmission user interface for graybeards who have decided that pretty icons and clickable menus are for noobs. Besides being versatile, Transmission is also compact and surprisingly capable, supporting full encryption, DHT, µTP, PEX, and more.

If Transmission’s command line user interface isn’t enough to satisfy the geek inside you, perhaps rTorrent will do it for you. This text-based ncurses torrent client is written in C++ and based on the libTorrent libraries for Unix. It strives to outperform GUI torrent clients and show the world that great code is what counts the most.

Folx can be put separately in this list as it perfectly functions as a torrent client, torrent download manager and a torrent search. Its mission is to make torrents work for you the best way, so it quickly finds, downloads, creates and effectively manages torrent files. Folx is compatible with Mac computers.

Vuze is a heavy-weight torrent client for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Because it depends on Java, its hardware requirements are quite steep, but that’s also because Vuze has far more features than any of the other torrent clients we’ve featured in this article. It can play media files, stream content to remote devices, burn DVDs, check for malware, and more. The question is whether you want all this features integrated directly into your torrent client.