Folx: ExtraTorrent Client for Mac

KickassTorrents was a landmark torrent website that had lots of follower sites. One of its alternatives was ExtraTorrent, a peer-to-peer web resource where visitors could find, download and share torrent files as well as magnet links. It was launched in 2006 and in November 2016 ExtraTorrents was acknowledged the second biggest torrent provider after The Pirates Bay. But in May 2017 it stopped its work as the owners intentionally closed it down. Now there are lots of ExtraTorrent mirrors functioning as its clones.

How to Download from ExtraTorrent Without Problems

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Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 32.71MB free space. Version (8 Jul, 2017). 4.8 Rank based on 889+ users, Reviews(1351)
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The quickest way to get the movie, music or the book you need is to use the ExtraTorrent downloader or better to say ExtraTorrent download manager, Folx. It was developed as a standalone app for Mac computers. It works with ExtraTorrents in 3 independent ways: searching, downloading, and torrenting. As a torrent search it allows you to find any files within seconds. To start the search provide the name of the torrent you’d like to save or the keyword(s). You’ll get your results at once. From the long list of items select the file you require. Click Download. It’s so easy to do without an external help.

Folx torrent client

Folx will serve you as an excellent torrent client. With its help you can safely get any torrents to your computer having no risks to receive malware or adware. You can create new torrent files if you want to upload them to ExtraTorrent and share with others. You are able to tag the downloaded content to quickly find the required video or audio track among your folders. You can simply adjust the speed of media downloading and uploading in the Folx settings. Besides, the downloads from dozens of websites via usual or magnet links are another big benefit enabling you to stay anonymous and safe all the time.

If you want to fully control your downloads, their speed, ways of adding, threads and even days and time here’s Folx download manager to your help. You can increase the download speed significantly if in the Folx settings you assign the app to split the downloads into threads. The free version allows 2 splits whereas the PRO subscription provides up to 20. If the download was interrupted you can always resume it from the point where it stopped. The original quality will be preserved anyway without any losses. With the smart tagging feature Folx can make tags for your downloads according to such categories as Video, Image, Music, Apps and Others.

Besides, as the ExtraTorrent movies download software Folx can use proxy servers to help you with ExtraTorrent downloads. Proxy servers are intermediate parties that provide data exchange between your device and the servers of Internet resources. They mask your data from app owners and sites that you visit. This protects you from blocking by your IP. Such indirect connection allows bypassing the restrictions imposed by providers. ExtraTorrent has a sufficient list of proxy servers that Folx easily uses for downloading. Check it out by heading over to the following links:

But if you care about your security and anonymity during ExtraTorrent downloading you should know that proxy servers don’t provide full invisibility on the Internet. Any interested persons are able to track you if they have special equipment and skills. Nevertheless, if you use proxy service, you can access many blocked websites and hide your IP. For a better protection you should use VPN. Both proxy and VPN help to bypass any restrictions and protect your privacy online. But VPN connection is more advanced in technical terms.


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a general name given to technologies that allow to locate one or multiple network connections on top of another network, e.g. the Internet. Such manipulations ensure safer, better and more secure work online. Your logs and IP address get hidden, so the activities are impossible to track. The VPN connection also gives you access to blocked or restricted web resources. You can view and use any content on the net. Among the most reputable and reliable VPN providers the top results were received by the following tools: Cargo VPN, NordVPN, CyberGhost, VyprVPN and TunnelBear. For the best ExtraTorrent experience the most recommended solution is Cargo VPN. It provides the strongest data encryption (256-bit), DNS firewall, fast servers in more than 70 locations and other benefits. You can check it here.

To download ExtraTorrent files on Mac without any difficulties and problems Folx also uses mirror websites. Initially, a mirror implies the existence of 2 site versions, one of which features "www" address, the other one has just an URL. A mirror also means a full or partial copy of the website content. Owners of big web resources create such copies. They have their own domains and are physically located on other servers. ExtraTorrent is a good example. It is located on several servers, and if one of them is not accessible, the traffic is redirected to the server that functions. Consult the list of working ExtraTorrent mirrors:

Folx is a great solution for ExtraTorrent and other torrent tracker sites. By activating its PRO version you will solve the following problems:

  • Restricted content. You can download videos from ExtraTorrents, YouTube, Vimeo and many other sites.
  • Low download speed. With the smart download speed control it’s you who determines how long the download process will last.
  • Login input. You don’t need to remember logins and passwords from torrent trackers that you visit.
  • Torrents disorganization. With Folx PRO you can easily schedule all your downloads.
  • Problems with iTunes. Folx PRO can integrate your library with iTunes.

Get more torrents with Folx. Download quicker, easier and smarter!