You Want to Download from Gomovies? Here are Some Sites Like Gomovies

For all those of our readers that are still blocked on the question of ‘ is Gomovies safe’ we prepared this article to shed some light into this subject. You have no reason to feel left out if you’re not fully aware of the situation with Gomovies and its status since it’s a quite complicated online venture, however, by reading the following sections everything will become clear as day.

One of the few movie streaming online services that managed to get to a certain level of popularity, the Gomovies website offers their users all the latest releases in terms of Hollywood movies and TV shows, absolutely for free. Since there are so many sites like Gomovies online, you don’t need to feel bad for not using it until now, however, you may want to pay some attention because this is a really interesting option for you to stay up to date with all your favorite movies and shows. Even if you already heard and used Gomovies before, you are well aware of the constant issues to access it due to ISP restrictions. By going through this article you will learn a lot of workarounds to fix this issues and enjoy your favorite video content.

What is Gomovies?

Before going on and talking about a Gomovies alternative, it’s safe to start with defining exactly what this website offers to its users and why is it important to be able to access it even when things are not exactly straight forward.

Even though this information might come as big news to most of our readers, Gomovies is actually the new interface of one of the oldest movie streaming websites on the Internet, 123movies. In a constant race to avoid being banned through various copyright claims and ISPs enforcement techniques, an entire Gomovies proxy list was developed so that the fans of 123movies as well as Gomovies could still access their high-quality movies and TV shows. So, there you have it, Gomovies was developed as an alternative to 123movies that managed to attract so much attention that it was declared the most pirated movies website on the Internet by the MPAA.

If you used 123movies before that you’re more than aware of the wide offer of movies and TV shows offered by Gomovies as well as their top-notch sorting system that allows you to view movies based on genres, preferences, IMDB rating or country of provenance. Even before you commit to seeing a movie or download from Gomovies, you can watch a short trailer to make sure that’s the content you want, as well as a lot of details regarding the movie that makes it a lot easier to identify certain titles. From time to time, you might notice Gomovies down times but you don’t need to panic. This can happen for two reasons: either a scheduled maintenance is taking place on the website, or your ISP blocked the access to the website. This automatically leads to the question of ‘ is Gomovies legal?’ but we will handle these two subjects in the following sections of this article.

Gomovies - movie streaming website
Is Gomovies Legal?

Just as previously stated, Gomovies is actually a rebranding of 123 movies and if you ever searched for more info on this website, you’d know that they’re not exactly the most ‘by the book’ website. This is true only when taking into consideration the copyright policy active in the United States since. Because, if you put if from a Vietnamese legal point of view, there’s nothing wrong with what Gomovies is doing. However, due to the fact that both 123movies and Gomovies became so popular, with over 98 million visitor monthly, a lot of attention was directed towards these sites.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t still access the multiple Gomovies proxy servers and enjoy your movies and TV shows as usual. If your ISP is one of those that blocked access to the website, you can try one of the mirrors and if that also fails, go straight to using a VPN service. The bottom line about Gomovies legality is that you should be able to use the website without a worry since you can’t be certain that they have a license to distribute that content or not. Even if an investigation would take place around the use of Gomovies, they will focus on the website owners and administrators and not the end users.

Of course that the authorities and copyright enforcers would like to see sites such as Gomovies or123movies shut down because making the movies and TV shows available for free, considerably affects the profit of a certain movie. But even so, thanks to the way they are organised, offering links to cyberlockers and other third-party online services, there wouldn’t be much of a case going on. To try and sum it up, there’s a constant back and forth movement between sites like Gomovies and agencies or governments trying to enforce copyright laws with no clear winner. One thing is certain though, you can use Gomovies or a Gomovies proxy list without having to worry about actions taken against you.

How Can You Safely Access Gomovies? Is Gomovies Safe?

All Gomovies users wonder whether this website is safe to access. To put it straight for them, the answer is yes and no at the same time. You can access Gomovies without having to worry about malware, bogus redirects or security breaches for your computer. You may get some pop-ups when visiting the website, however, everything is safe and any income generated by these pop-ups is used to improve the service you are getting and keeping the website working properly.

On the other hand, from a copyright point of view, there are enough countries that consider sites like Gomovies to be illegal for hosting copyright-protected content. If you want to be extra-safe when accessing Gomovies, a good VPN service is recommended and you can find a lot of great examples on our website. Another way to get guaranteed access to the Gomovies website is using a Gomovies proxy that acts like an intermediary between your IP address and the one of the website.

If the homepage of Gomovies is no longer available in your country, feel free to try your luck with one of the following sites on our Gomovies proxy list:

You may notice that some of these mirrors will take you to 123movies instead of Gomovies. Don’t worry about it because, as previously stated, the two addresses are sister sites and they’re used to offer high-quality TV shows and movies to users all around the world. Besides this list of Gomovies proxy websites, there are several added every day since they battle is constant between the providers of this service and the ones trying to shut the website down.

Best Gomovies Alternatives

If you ever noticed Gomovies down or unavailable in your territory, that can mean that your ISP was forced to block it or it’s simply not available in your territory anymore. When talking about Gomovies alternatives, the most obvious one is 123movies for being operated by the same people, however, there are other options available out there as well. So, whenever you can’t access a Gomovies proxy or main website, check out one of the following alternatives.


You should already know what to expect from 123movies as, just as we already stated several times so far, it’s basically the same website with a different design. So, even without using a Gomovies proxy list, you already have a strong alternative to watch all the newest movies and TV shows. You might want to access 123movies through a VPN for added security just in case the ISP didn’t stop at blocking Gomovies in your territory. Adding this extra layer of protection through a VPN, will mean that you can access the public network through a virtual private network that makes all your details unavailable to anyone interested.

Gomovies Alternative - 123movies

The list of alternatives to check when experiencing any sort of Gomovies down time goes on with Solarmovie. A very similar service that offers an extensive range of movies and TV shows, totally free with no need to register an account or enroll your email, Solarmovie is ready to deliver high-quality content even above the standard of 480p. Make sure to check the entire list of Solarmovie proxies as well in case the main website doesn’t load in your territory. One way or another, the people behind this streaming websites will find a way to give you free access to the latest TV shows and movies.

Gomovies Alternative - Solarmovie

Continuing the list of alternatives to Gomovies, we have that offers an identical service with the only difference that it doesn’t enjoy so much popularity. This fact made it simpler for the owners of the website to safeguard it against any entity that wanted to see it down. So, in your search for sites like Gomovies, don’t forget to check if you’re looking for fast servers, good categorization as well as all the latest additions in the world of TV series and blockbusters. Just like with the other alternatives presented, you can also be extra-safe by connecting to through a VPN service and make sure that, even though your ISP or government is looking, your personal information will be kept away from any curious eyes.

Gomovies Alternative - IOMovies

Even though you’re not a big fan of online movie streaming websites, you certainly heard about Popcorn Time before. It enjoys a popularity and growth that is comparable with Gomovies which made it the target for many attacks coming from copyright-enforcing entities. However, being online from 2010 they learned enough ways to work around the restrictions imposed by the MPAA or any other association and they thrive even in present days. Actually, there are several different versions of Popcorn Time, specially designed to perfectly avoid the efforts of those that want to see these sites down. Of course, it’s an ongoing battle between any type of free movie streaming website and the ones that are trying to stop this movement, however, the battle seems to be won by the latters.

Gomovies Alternative - Popcorn Time