How to Use Piratebay Torrent and How the Site Works

Since its inception, people across the world have been using the internet to distribute files amongst one another. People have discovered that’s it’s a popular way to share and obtain a wide range of media, from music to software and videos to documents. Initially file sharing was something practised by hardcore computer enthusiasts who were often willing to wait days or even weeks for a file to download over a slow dial-up connection. Today, people everywhere have access to high-quality digital infrastructure and affordable hard drive storage in massive volumes. Combined together, these two factors mean that users can share massive amounts of data with each other from whole television shows to ultra high-definition movies in a matter of minutes.

With the growth of online file sharing, media companies have been fighting an uphill battle against the pirating and distribution of material sensitive to copyright. Time and again, however, file sharing websites have proven to be something of a hydra: for every one that has been closed down by the authorities over copyright violations, an even greater number have sprung up in their place. With ever more users swarming to the internet to enjoy the benefits of file sharing, the torrenting community has continued to go from strength to strength. One such website in particular has come to epitomise the confidence of the peer-to-peer phenomenon:

What is pirates PirateBay provides trackers for files that can be saved to a device with the use of BitTorrent protocol technology, the most popular method of peer-to-peer file sharing currently favored across the internet. The pirate bay torrent was, is, and always will be free, and stakes its reputation upon providing content on a completely uncensored platform. All that the management of PirateBay asks of users is that they take responsibility for whatever content they’re downloading and uploading; that they don’t distribute harmful and illegal media and software; and that they don’t use tracker technology to infringe upon the rights and privacy of others. Pirates bay torrent is a very open platform that doesn’t offer users any service guarantees while also reserving the right to release any information regarding any situations where its usage policy has been violated. What is Pirate Bay useful for? Well, the answer is nearly everything: you can find music, TV, movies, software and all other kinds of files and media available for distribution through peer-to-peer file sharing technology.

In this article, we’re going to look at how to use pirate bay torrents for the purposes of peer-to-peer file sharing, and share a short history of the website along with an overview of the legal challenges that it’s faced over the years.

How to Use thepiratebay torrent

Any search entered into PirateBay will be returned with details such as the file size, date of original upload, seeder to leecher ratio, with the possibility of displaying different colored skull-and-crossbone icons letting you know that the uploader is trustworthy and/ or verified.

As with the majority of BitTorrent websites, piratesbay site doesn’t require a registration or login for users who are only interested in searching and downloading files. Even for torrent beginners, it won’t take long to figure out how to use Pirates Bay. Just enter the terms you’re looking for in the search bar and click “Pirate Search”. There’s also the Google-style “I’m Feeling Lucky” option if you want to roll the dice and be directed to the page of a random torrent. You can filter results by categories like “Movies”, “Music” and “Games” by ticking the boxes under the search bar, and there’s also a guide titled “How do I download?” that can link beginners to useful information about how to use Pirate Bays with getting a BitTorrent client up and running on your device.

Essentially, you download torrent files from pirate torrent that open in the BitTorrent client which then connects with a tracker housing the torrent file data. These files help connect you with peers on the network who are hosting or “seeding” the file you’re trying to download from the swarm of users who are sharing the file data. When your downloads finished, you can choose to keeping seeding it to other users also trying to get the file, or stay as a “leecher”, i.e. a person who isn’t helping share the file after they’ve downloaded it. When you browse for files on torrent tpb you’ll be able to see the current seeder to leecher ratio on a file on the left-hand side of the list of search results.

Hot to use Pirates Bay

What if you want to make some files available yourself like, say, a song you’ve recorded or a novel you’ve written? First of all, you have to sign up with the pirates bays as a member. Just click on “Register” from the home page, fill in your details and answer the confirmation email sent to your inbox. After you’re logged in, click on “Upload Torrent”, and submit your torrent using either the native PirateBay web form or the Announce URL function in your BitTorrent program of choice. Once you’ve created a torrent, your client launches the torrent file into the tracker and from there you can start sharing the torrent with other users in the swarm.

Only users who are registered can access adult content (porn/ XXX material), which is one of the available search categories on the homepage. Adult content remains uncensored, but material showing illegal acts like sexual assault or child pornography isn’t tolerated by management or the community and gets taken down quickly. Be on the lookout that you’re not stumbling upon XXX torrents if you’re sensitive to such material.

One of the things that the PirateBay is known for is it’s large and vibrant user community, often seen commenting underneath torrent pages or the TPB Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel. On the main page, clicking on “Forum” takes you to the SuprBay forum where you’ll find discussions on every aspect of the world of filesharing, along with announcements, news and lots of useful tutorials and FAQs to help beginner and intermediate users get up to speed. The IRC channel on lets you chat live with Pirate Bay enthusiasts who are always happy to help you get the most out of the service.

Kopimi: The Men Keeping the Piratebay Afloat

Many people ask the question “Where is the Pirate Bay?”. While TPB is anywhere the internet exists, you could say that The piratebay began life in Sweden in 2003, when Gottfrid Svartholm offered to help the pro-file sharing group Pirate Bureau set up a new BitTorrent tracker of their own. Gottfrid (online handle Anakata) along with Fredrik Neij (aka TiAMO) and Peter Sunde (aka Brokep) were the brains behind the project, and can be considered the founding fathers of ThePirateBay as we know it.

Where is torrent pirate bay in relation to the rest of the Kopimi Project’s activities? Although it’s by far the most known aspect of their operations, it’s a single part of the group’s wider aim to offer a free and open alternative to copyright through online file sharing. Other arms of the Kopimi Project include the image-sharing database BayImg, blog website BayWords, the PasteBay pastebin service and an email masking service known as Slopsbox. Links to all of these sites can be found on the main page of ThePirateBay.

Pirate Bay

The PirateBay released a manifesto at the beginning of 2009 outlining their goals and philosophy. Comparable in length to a small novel, "POwr, Broccoli and Kopimi" lists the Pirate family’s guiding principles, with an emphasis on the importance of being able to freely share and distribute ideas and information online. Naturally, the document is available as a free download on The Pirate Bay.

While authorities and media conglomerates have tried to pursue sites like TPB for copyright violations, the group has never shied away from conflict and has openly called out anyone trying to restrict their activities, even posting the threats that they’ve received - along with the responses they’ve given - on the main PirateBay site. Where is The Pirate Bay now in the face of such legal opposition? Well, the group has continued to go from strength to strength, and has counted millions of unique visitors using the site ever since its original inception.