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KickassTorrents (KAT for short) is a popular website that is known worldwide for its rich torrent files collection and unlimited download capacity. As a torrents resource and a magnet links provider it was founded in 2008. Since then it has undergone several setbacks because of ISP blocking and troubles with copyright laws. Lots of countries including Great Britain, USA, Belgium, Ireland, Malaysia and others have blocked the site at different times. That’s why KAT had to change its domain names several times. Now it is located at the address. In June 2016 KickassTorrents added a TOR URL to work through a secure protocol. The TOR proxy server system made it possible to access the website via the dark web, a private virtual environment where the identity of each user is hidden from the governments, trackers and law enforcement authorities.

How to Download from KickassTorrents with Folx

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Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 32.71MB free space. Version (8 Jul, 2017). 4.8 Rank based on 889+ users, Reviews(1351)
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If you want a reliable Kickass torrent downloader to grab a required file quickly, easily and effort free, you need Folx, a powerful torrent client for Mac. Folx is a reputable, effective and very smart tool that makes your work with torrents incredibly easy. As a great Kickass music downloader as well as Kickass torrent movie download solution it instantly saves torrent files on the hard disk and creates new torrents for uploading on torrent trackers as well as for sharing with other users.

Folx torrent client

Folx PRO has also shown an exceptional performance as a torrent search and a torrent download manager. It immediately finds the content you need. You are just required to type in a torrent title or a keyword, select a file from a long list of suggested items that the app instantly returns and press the Download button. No search engines or other tools are needed to find and save your file. The download managing function is great for Kickass downloads. It offers you several unique options. E.g. as a download manager Folx allows you to split downloads into 2 threads in the basic version and in up to 20 threads in PRO version. You can resume paused or interrupted downloads without any quality loss, add the download tasks in many different ways, use any browsers to your taste and lots more. Here are some tips on how to download torrents from KAT by using Folx:

  1. To start your work download Folx to your computer. Unpack and open it. As the app is free it won’t take you much time.
  2. A torrent file will appear on your disk space after you create a download task and press the OK button. New tasks are very easy to create. Choose one of the following ways to do that:
    a. In the Folx’ main menu select File -> New Task.
    b. Click the “+” button on the window top near the search box.
    c. Go to the Preferences -> General. Enable "Use Folx to catch download links in browsers" checkbox. Click a download link (either torrent or magnet link). The pop-up message will ask you “Do you want to allow this page to open “Folx”?” Press Allow. In the window that opens click OK. The download process will start immediately.
  3. Fill out the following fields and click OK. After that a file will be downloaded to your Mac.
  • URL: Copy and paste the video link to the URL box.
  • Tags: Choose a tag or multiple tags for the torrent. The "Other" tag is on default.
  • Save to: Specify the path where your files will go to after the download process is finished. You can leave it as it is allowing Folx to assign a download path according to the tags you chose (consult the Tags tab in Preferences). Additional tags don’t change the path because Folx creates links to the content in each directory.
  • Start: Select one of the options to make the download start either automatic, manual or on schedule.
  • Rename: Type in a new name if required.
  • Referrer: A referrer is a line that is transmitted from you to HTTP server. It determines the source of request. Some websites may require a referrer URL to allow downloading.
  • Description: Provide a description for the torrents you are going to download.
  • Authentication: Check the box and specify the login details for the server if required (consult the Password Manager section for more information).
  • Set as Default: This option allows Folx to remember the current settings. The app will use them next time when you download a torrent. No refill is required.

Folx PRO download manager easily saves files to your computer via proxy servers and mirrors if the original web resource is not accessible.


Proxy Servers

A proxy server is an intermediate server between your computer and a website. When you use proxy a request from your PC to the required site first goes to the proxy server. After being processed it reaches the required web server. Accordingly, the response from the web server first returns to the proxy and then to your machine. By using proxy servers you can quickly get access to some resources. The Internet connection via proxy helps to increase your anonymity online because there are some manipulations made with your IP address. If you were banned on some websites, you can bypass the ban with a proxy server. There are lots of benefits that you will surely get from the proxy service.

For KickassTorrents there are great many of such servers available for everyone. You can use them safely, anonymously, without any danger or risks. Here’s the list of the best ones:


Mirror Websites

Mirror sites are exact copies of the website data found on the other site. These copies have more than 80 percent of data matches reflecting the website content like a mirror. Most often such sites are created for duplicating the same information on several web portals to provide multiple sources of the site content. Large or popular files are located on several mirrors to improve their download speed and load distribution. KickassTorrents has been banned in several countries because they accused it of copyright laws infringement. At that time mirrors helped many users in Kickass torrents downloading. If the site gets blocked for you, you can still use one of its duplicates:

VPN Servers

You can also use a VPN service to get torrents from the site. A VPN is an abbreviated name for Virtual Private Network. It encrypts your Internet connection with a click and ensures your privacy on the Internet. This connection protects you from numerous cybercriminals that operate in public Wi-Fi networks, advertisers who track your online activities, and permanent website blockages when you are in a wrong country. A VPN allows you to use the Internet without any restrictions. You stay safe, anonymous and ever present. To enable Kickass downloads with a VPN use the following tools: Cargo VPN, TunnelBear, NordVPN, Express VPN, IPVanish and Buffered or others. The best VPN service for torrenting and P2P networking was recognized Cargo VPN. It provides unlimited P2P potential and secure private torrents anywhere in the world. It ensures an excellent download speed no matter what size is your file. It’s a great benefit for weighty files.

KickassTorrents remains the leading torrent tracker despite all the blockage and censorship. Its wide audience is very active and constantly increasing. Its ratings are quite high. The content it provides is carefully filtered by the strong community. If the site is not available for downloading it doesn’t mean that it’s out of use. There are great many software options enabling Kickass downloads absolutely for free. The tools we have listed in the article (the Kickass torrents downloader, proxy servers, mirrors, and VPN networks) are proven and 100% working solutions for any type of users. They will help you get the torrent files you need.

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