How to Download from Limetorrents Without Spending a Dime

Limetorrents is not a usual torrent tracker that you used to see on the net. It’s not a torrent storage, but a directory that provides links to web resources where a required file is located. You can freely download any content from Limetorrents either with ordinary or magnet links. It’s really comfortable and safe to get files from this very site because you won’t come across improper content, so even kids can browse through. It is also possible to consult the section with users’ verified torrents where the content quality is tested and trusted by the community.

What Limetorrents Downloader Can Fully Meet Your Individual Needs?

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Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 32.71MB free space. Version (8 Jul, 2017). 4.8 Rank based on 889+ users, Reviews(1351)
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Folx is the best video application that knows perfectly well how to download Limetorrents content without any problems and worries. It’s a multifunctional software that allows you to use it in many ways, but the basic ones are the following:

  • Torrent download manager
  • Torrent search
  • Torrent client
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As a torrent download manager Folx lets you take the reins of power over downloads into your own hands. You can use it with any web browser you like whether it’s Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Opera or others. You can put one or multiple tags on the file you are going to download. So anytime you need it you will easily find it among the tons of other files on your computer. One more function assigned to Folx as a torrent download manager is to deliver the video content from proxy servers. With Folx you can also specify a particular day and hour for downloading. It means that you adjust the settings and forget about all the rest.

The torrent search feature is available only in PRO version. It replaces web browsers’ search for torrents, so you don’t need to launch Google, Opera or anything else, send your request and spend hours browsing through oceans of results. Folx PRO returns you results in seconds and doesn’t require many actions. You just need to paste the keyword or file name, choose an item from the list and click the Download button. With Folx PRO torrent search you won’t waste a second on browsing through unwanted content.

Folx is also an excellent torrent client. It easily downloads torrents and creates new ones, assigns tags and controls the download as well as upload speeds. Magnet links are not a problem for such app as Folx. It has successfully expanded its potential to get torrents from magnet links as they ensure your safety, anonymity and high download speed. Such links neither track your logs nor collect any data about you or torrent that you are downloading.

With Folx downloader all downloads can be delivered faster on your machine as it splits them into 2 threads (in PRO version the number of threads can be increased up to 20). This manager won’t allow you to save files again if they were interrupted. Its resume feature gives you a possibility to continue the download process exactly from the place where it stopped. Multiple ways of creating download tasks are really helpful when you need to get a file really fast.

How to Download Limetorrents

You have lots of options to get Limetorrents content quickly and easily. We offer you the best solutions:

  • Proxy servers that Folx directs to are programs that connect your computer to the websites you refer to. Proxies ensure your anonymity, allow you to download the content that is not available by your IP address and many more. If you can’t access the site for some reason, you still can do it via proxy servers. The Proxy function in Folx is easy to find. Open Preferences -> Proxy and fill out proper fields. Folx will cope with this task excellently.
  • To get full security, anonymity and protection during Limetorrents movie downloading you can use VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPN software provides a secure and confidential Internet connection without any restrictions in access. For this your network gets encrypted and no one can track your actions online. As a result, you access to any web resource absolutely safely and anonymously regardless of time and location. The best VPN providers as for 2018 are the following: CargoVPN, TunnelBear, NordVPN, Express VPN, IPVanish and Buffered. If you want a really reliable, effective, easy to use and user friendly app to protect your online presence, use Cargo VPN. For saving torrents and peer-to-peer networking it showed the best results.
How to Download Limetorrents

If you value your time and would like to get Limetorrents downloads for free, you don’t need to surf the web searching for different software. Folx is able to find proper torrents, manage and download them in no time. It’s a universal tool that deals with various file sizes, torrent websites and types of links. It doesn’t require your presence if you made adjustments in its settings. Use it when you need to save login credentials from your most visited sites. Launch Folx if you want to integrate your music and videos with iTunes. Create a task in Folx to download the YouTube video that you like the most. It’s up to you. Folx can do anything.