Downloading movies from Movierulz at a glance

When it comes to TV and movie torrents, the ExtraTorrent website was one of the main sources for millions of users worldwide. Even though the site is no longer available, movie lovers have nothing to worry about, as ExtraTorrent gave birth to several other distribution groups and releasers that continue to satisfy their needs and one very good example is Movierulz.

Movierulz is now a renowned brand that shared not only movie torrents, but also TV torrents over various large torrent websites and numerous people use them on a daily basis.

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List of Best Movierulz Mirror Sites and Proxies

PROXY SITE STATUS SPEED Very Fast Very Fast Very Fast Fast Very Fast
Movierulz as best platform for streaming movies
The public torrent site Movierulz made its way through the Internet a few years ago and it has been used by millions of users ever since. It became famous especially for its wide range of movies available and for the fact that all of them are free. People who are eager for a chill night and some good movies can watch and download movies from Movierulz at a high quality. The site is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use even by those who have little experience in using the Internet. You simply search for the types of films you are interested in and choose the ones that best match your needs.
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Main advantages of Movierulz
The list of categories available is diverse and one of the most popular is Movierulz Hollywood. This is also one of the main advantages of Movierulz. If you search for Movierulz all movies 2019 for example, you’ll be surprised by the variety of movies available and you’ll most probably spend several minutes deciding which one to watch. Another great advantage of this torrent site, compared to other similar sites is that here you can find not only English dubbed movies, but also movies dubbed in other languages. On a quick search for Movierulz Hindi movies, you’ll get a long list of Hindi dubbed films. Some may say that Hindi is a popular language and that it’s not that difficult to find movies dubbed in this language.
But what about other less known languages, such as Malayalam? The great news is that there is a special category available on the site and it can be easily found if you search for Movierulz Malayalam movies.One of the things that most users love about Movierulz is that they can find here all types of genre movies, from Science-Fiction to Romance, Thriller, Comedy and so on. Moreover, there are movies being added on a daily basis, so there’s no way one can say that they have nothing to see on this torrent site. Moreover, the majority of movies available here are High-Definition movies, which means they have nearly the same high quality as they do on TV or cinema for instance.
How to Access Movierulz movies through Proxy?
If you are wondering how to download movies from Movierulz the best way, the right answer is: proxy sites and mirrors. And if you’re already wondering what exactly these are and why you need them when the only thing you want is to watch Movierulz Telugu movies, worry not, because you’re about to learn everything about them. Proxy sites can run on various servers and by doing so, they help you hide your IP address. This means that you can access websites that you wouldn’t have been able to access normally.
Websites that have restricted access to only a range of countries are in this category. As for mirror websites, these ones are sites that imitate other original sites, hence the name of “mirrors”. They maintain a similar interface, similar functionalities and in most cases, the same content, in order to make it easier for the user to search for things like “Movierulz movies in Hindi dubbed” and find them in a matter of seconds.

Most downloaded Movierulz movies

Some people may not know much about Telugu movies, but the truth is there’s a huge industry around them, nearly as huge as the Hollywood movies industry.

According to most Telugu films aficionados, some of the must-see movies are:

  • The Ghazi Attack (2017) – a Pakistani submarine that has to get past an Indian submarine in order to be able to attack Vizag port.
  • Nayakan (1987) – a man has to fight against a corrupt police person, which ultimately makes him become a don.
  • Mahanati (2018) – it’s the story of Savitri, a famous Indian actress, who was an icon of the movie industry between the 50s and 60s.
  • Arjun Reddy (2017) – Arjun Reddy is a surgeon with short temper who starts drinking alcohol and using drugs the moment his girlfriend is forced into marrying another man.

Remember that this is only a short list of Telugu movies you must add to your “to watch” list.

Genres Offered by Movierulz

Compared to other movie download sites, Movierulz has a great, easy to use and intuitive interface. If you don’t know exactly what movie you want to download, you can easily search for one by genres.

You can choose between Action, Adventure, Animation, Crime, Family, Romance, Documentary, War and many other options.

Why are Movierulz telugu movies so popular?

It is generally agreed that movies are seen as a way to relax after a long and very busy day at work, to entertain and, why not, to spend some quality time with family and friends. The same goes for Telugu movies.

Additionally, the actors and actresses starring in Telugu movies enjoy a larger than life popularity. They are seen as “Superstars” and sometimes, they even choose different career paths, such as politics.

Also, the diversity that exists in the Telugu Film Industry is another aspect that makes these movies so popular. People have a lot of genres to choose from and each of them has its own particularities.

Top alternatives of Movierulz

If you’re looking for some alternative torrent sites to Movierulz, you should at least choose some reliable ones, so here are 5 great examples:

  1. - an Indian torrent website where you can find HQ movies not only from Hollywood, but also from Tollywood and Bollywood.
  2. - a long list of Indian movies and series are waiting for you on Hon3yHD. You’ll find anything from DVD5 movies, to BD50, BD25, DVD9 and many more
  3. - an immense collection of both BDs and DVDs are available on Desitorrents, including some which were recently released. Also, you can follow various interesting threads, tracker news, tutorials and so on.
  4. - searching for a good movies and music torrent website? Desidhamal is exactly what you need in this case.
  5. - this site is probably the no. 1 choice when it comes to Indian movies and episodes of various TV shows and they are available not inly in English, but also in Telugu, Hindi, Punjabi and many other local Indian languages.

Overall, finding movies dubbed in some less known Indian languages may be difficult, but Movierulz is definitely a great resource. Here, you can find all types of genres of Movierulz movies, and with the aid of a good VPN, you can instantly and safely access them. The only thing remaining now is to decide what movie you would like to watch this evening.