Pirateiro Mirror Sites and Proxies

Pirateiro can get blocked for different reasond and a great solution to go around that is using a Pirateiro proxy to get full access to the website. Any Pirateiro mirror or proxy link that you find in the list below is tested hourly for functionality and also classified by status and speed. Check out the complete list of proxies to unblock Pirateiro and the best Pirateiro mirror sites.
About Pirateiro
Pirateiro is a Portuguese and Brazilian torrent index that became available world-wide in August 2017 when they added multiple language support. Through any Pirateiro mirror site, you will get instant access to torrent files from different categories. Everything is available for free and the download speeds are very high.

Use a VPN to Bypass Filters

Users located in UK, USA, Malaysia, India have reported problems opening Pirateiro website. Many users have also notified that VPN has helped them in solving this problem. With the VPN service you can encrypt your Internet traffic. Using a VPN to access Pirateiro all proxy sites will give you instant access to the website and its content.

VPNs, short for Virtual Private Network, creates a private network within a public one, enabling users to send and receive data securely across the public network. This protects the data transfer from the interference and snooping. Accessing a Pirateiro proxy through VPN will offer you a more private navigation, and the possibility to access all your preferred content.

Best Pirateiro Alternatives

Kickass torrents
If you are looking for a good alternative to a Pirateiro proxy, Kickass torrents is one of the best there is. It started in 2008 and today is one of the biggest torrent sites out there. It gathers more than 10 million torrents that are refreshed and sorted on a daily basis. It also comes with an API which is something no Pirateiro mirror can offer.
There’s a total of 9 different types of torrent content with multiple subcategories and the voting system for torrent health and accuracy is one of the best features of Kickass torrents. Another excellent feature offered by Kickass is the possibility to request the torrents you need. And you will have a massive community to share with since the website is available in 45 languages.

Kickass torrents proxy list:

 Kickass torrents
The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay represents one of the first torrent directories to become public on the Internet. If you can’t access Pirateiro, check out Pirate Bay and you are going to love the way it mimics the look of Google Search and the extremely wide offer of torrents available here. The site can be down , that is why accessing it through mirrors and proxies is a must sometimes.

Pirate Bay torrents proxy list:

A public torrent directory that offers the media content and much more, RARGB is the place to visit. What’s surprising about RARBG is the organisation of the website and its content, each torrent being organised and having its own detailed description. If you can’t use any Pirateiro proxy, RARGB offers a pretty good alternative.

RARGB torrents proxy list:

Being around the torrent scene for several years already, LimeTorrents was not extremely popular until recent times. It started to slowly increase in popularity thanks to the quality it offers and the imense database. If you simply can’t access Pirateiro, LimeTorrents offer a lot of content from different categories. Another cool feature offered by LimeTorrents to its users is the health indicator for the current torrent transaction. You can use this indicator to determine if it’s worth spending time and bandwidth on the content you’re downloading.

LimeTorrents proxy list: