Folx Efficiently Downloads SeedPeer Torrents


SeedPeer began as a small torrent site not that long ago. The main objective of the website was to keep it clean from malware, safe to use, and reliable. It’s hard to argue that they weren’t able to do this as just about any SeedPlayer movies download you make is completely safe.

The BitTorrent tracker SeedPeer ensures that their torrents are of a high quality by verifying the downloads before adding them to their verified torrents section and opening them up to SeedPeer download software on Mac. If you’re someone that has spent hours and hours looking for a specific torrent and downloading it, only to discover that you’ve downloaded a fake torrent, then you can be sure the SeedPeer verified torrents have just what you need.

SeedPeer has the typical categories you’d expect from a torrent website: TV, Movies, Apps, Games, Books, Anime, Other, and XXX. SeedPeer is easy enough to use, but the first thing you’ll need is a SeedPeer downloader for Mac. We’ll be taking a look at one of the very best torrent clients to download SeedPeer files on Mac; Folx.

Lets’ Look at How to Download SeedPeer Files on Mac with Folx

The first thing you must do is download the Folx torrent downloader. Install and launch the app after the download is complete. Don’t worry about having to pay for anything either, as Folx is completely free to download. You’ll be able to start as soon as everything is installed. If you want to get a little bit more out of Folx there is a paid Pro version, but this is entirely optional. The free version has more than enough capabilities for the average user.

After installing Folx, head on over to and find the video or torrent file that you want to download. Click on the magnet or torrent button to get started. This opens up a pop-up window to open Folx directly if you have turned on the option to catch download links in browsers using Folx. Click on open Folx to start the downloading process.


If you’re interested in setting up some private settings should look through the detailed steps below:

  • Tags – assign a tag to the torrent; "Other" is the default tag if none are set.
  • Save to – assign the download path of the torrent.
  • Start Option – choose whether the torrent starts downloading manually, automatically, or at a scheduled time.
  • Split Option – Choose how many threads the download will be split into.
  • Rename – choose a new name for the torrent if necessary.
  • Referrer – HTTP header field identifying the address of the web page that linked you to the content that you’re downloading. Sometimes a referrer is necessary to download content.
  • Description – set a description for the downloaded files.
  • Authentication – this is where you enter the login and password information of the website the torrent was downloaded from.
  • Set as Default – this makes the current settings the default settings that will be automatically applied for future download tasks.