Info on Solarmovie and Sites Like Solarmovie

There are a lot of different media streaming website online, however, very few of them enjoyed the success and popularity that Solarmovie currently has. Solarmovie’s popularity is even more interesting considering the fact that they’re online for a couple of years only. However, what separates them from most streaming sites is the great video and audio quality of the offered content.

You can tell how popular Solarmovie is just by the amount of people asking about Solarmovie down time and many related question all over the internet and on forums. If this is the first time you’re reading about Solarmovie, then it’s definitely your lucky day since you just discovered a solid database with all your favorite movies and TV shows at excellent quality. If you already knew about Solarmovie then this article is a good read as well since you will get to find out about some websites like Solarmovie you can try.

What is Solarmovie?

As previously stated, Solarmovie is a streaming site that offers its users entire movies and TV shows, absolutely free. Compared to similar websites, Solarmovie stands out by offering the quality requested by users. If with other sites you select 720p and what you get is the equivalent of 480p resolution, Solarmovie provides the exact quality you select. Sure, the loading time might be affected a a bit if you don’t have a strong internet connection, however, the quality makes it worth your time.

With a solid database of TV shows, Hollywood blockbusters and a wide genre selection, Solarmovie offers its users everything needed for a movie night with friends, a lazy Sunday or even a long train ride. Every movie or TV show available on Solarmovie has a poster, a short trailer, details about the duration, actors and directors, the date of release as well as the IMDb rating.

If you’re one of those wondering ‘ is Solarmovie safe’ you should take a quick look at the way the website is designed. All the work put in the design, sorting and categorising all the productions indicates that this is a safe website to access and enjoy all your favorite movies without a care.

Another cool feature of Solarmovies that some of the competing websites don’t offer is the ability of watching all the available without creating an account or registering in any way. Just access the website directly or through a Solarmovie proxy and unlock thousands of hours of high-quality video content. And since we mentioned the proxies, don’t worry, we’re going to go into more details about Solarmovie mirrors and proxies down below.

What is Solarmovie
Is Solarmovie Legal?

The truth is that there’s no easy or direct answer to this question. If you consider the US copyright laws then Solarmovie is outside the law since it breaks them by distributing copyrighted content. Of course that the big Hollywood companies do not want anyone reproducing their content and making it available for free to end users, however, since Solarmovie is registered in the Philippines it’s a complicated process to take the site down and make it stop offering movies and TV shows for free.

According to the laws of the Philippines, Solarmovie doesn’t do anything illegal so they have no reason to shut it down. The owner of the right has to reach out to the Philippines authorities with proof that the content is owned by them and request the site to be shut down. And even though this would be successful, the servers of Solarmovie could be located elsewhere so, just like they did in the past, by registering a new domain they can keep the site going.

As long as this loophole exists, sites like Solarmovie will continue to exist and offer their users free movie and TV shows that is protected by copyright. That’s exactly why there are a lot of Solarmovie proxy sites available so that user can always connect even though one domain is going through the process of being taken down.

How to Safely access Solarmovies? Methods to perform a Solarmovie unblock, proxies and mirrors

If, for some reason, your ISP blocks your access to Solarmovie there’s no reason to panic since there is an entire Solarmovie proxy list available. One thing needs to be made clear, you’re not facing any risks while accessing Solarmovie to watch your favorite TV shows or movies, since there are no malicious links or malware on these websites. You might encounter the regular pop-under every now and then but there’s nothing to be worried about on the long run.

Even so, some ISPs like to play it by the book and block access to streaming sites such as Solarmovie. If your ISP is one that applies such a policy, you can still access the website through a proxy site for Solarmovie and be able to watch your favorite movies. These proxy sites or mirrors, as they are also referred to, make it possible for you to access the content through different servers that act as intermediaries to go around the ISP block on this certain website. Currently, there’s a wide range of proxy servers for Solarmovie and new ones are being made available with every day that goes by. If you have trouble accessing Solarmovie in your country, simply try one of these Solarmovie mirror sites:

There’s a possibility that one or more of these mirror sites are not available in your country, however, go through each one and you’ll certainly find a way to access your favorite online movies.

Another alternative to access Solarmovie without using a proxy or mirror site is to protect your connection with a good-quality VPN. A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, works as an extra security layer on a public network that allows you to protect your information when accessing websites that are blacklisted by your ISP.

Best Solarmovie Alternatives

Assuming that after trying all the mirror and proxy sites, you still can’t access Solarmovie in your country, there’s no reason to worry. There are a lot of alternatives to Solarmovie out there that you can use and get the same high-quality content when it comes to movies and TV shows. In the following section, we’re going to briefly talk about some of these alternatives that are best-rated. So, even if after all your attempts, you still can’t access Solarmovie, try one of these alternatives and you will get instant access to the same database of movies.


123movies was dubbed the most pirated video streaming website on the Internet. The MPAA. Motion Picture Association of America put 123movies on top of their list with websites that use most of their content without being allowed to do so. Just like with Solarmovie proxy sites, there are a lot of 123movies mirrors that you can access in order to watch the most-recent TV shows and Hollywood productions. By accessing 123movies you will get access to an even larger database of movies and TV shows that Solarmovie has to offer. And just like with Solarmovie, if none of the available proxy sites doesn’t take you to the website, there’s always the option to use a VPN and connect securely.

Solarmovie Alternative - 123movies

The maine source for YTS YIFY movies, this website offers high-end image quality as well as small file size. If you want to download movies from YIFY, you will need to install a BitTorrent client like Folx or qBittorrent. Just like with Solarmovie or 123movies, downloading movies from YIFY might leave you exposed to IPS scans and that’s why protecting your connection through a VPN is a great idea. In the end, no download method is 100% fail-safe, however, going through a VPN greatly increases your chance of safely accessing the needed video content. The number of movies and TV shows offered through YIFY is just as diverse as what Solarmovie has to offer and you will never miss a new show or movie using this website.

Solarmovie Alternative - YIFY movies

Yet another valid alternative to Solarmovie, IOMovies offers excellent availability, a huge selection of TV shows and movies as well as other attractive features. As you may already be able to predict, if is also blocked by your ISP, there are mirror sites and proxies that will facilitate access. If that fails, the same method used for Solarmovie and 123movies will work here as well. Choose a reliable VPN provider and install the software on your computer, It’s preferably that you buy the VPN software so you can be certain of the level of protection offered and the price will totally be worth it for having the largest video library available at your fingertips.

Solarmovie Alternative - IOMovies

If, for some reason you encounter a Solarmovie down period, another extremely popular alternative to the website comes from Popcorn Time. It has over 8 years of activity in this domain and it offers movie and TV shows streaming for free. Surrounded by controversy as well, Popcorn Time had to make some changes to their websites and just like the Solarmovie proxy sites, you will have multiple versions of Popcorn Times accessible in your country. For some of our readers, Popcorn Time will already sound like a legit website thanks to the fact that it’s around for some time now and had won multiple battles against copyright claims from the US government. In this domain, the bigger you get, the more attention you draw to yourself so expect a lot of attention heading towards Popcorn Time as well. The same trick remains available as with all the alternatives in this list. First try the mirrors and proxies and if everything fails, just like you would do for an Solarmovie unblock, use a VPN service to make it available to you. One way or another, you will be able to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows.

Solarmovie Alternative - Popcorn Time