How to Download Torrentz Content with Folx

Torrentz site was widely known as the mega search engine that according to its name dealt with torrents. It was launched to index torrent files that were available on the net. Torrentz was even associated with Google if the latter would have done the torrent search. Practically you have some great possibilities to download via Torrentz site. How to do that? Keep on reading.

First of all, you need a reliable downloading tool for your Mac computer that can find and grab any content you require. The best solution for this purpose is Folx, a proven Torrentz free downloader for Mac.

Folx: Why Is It the Best Torrentz Downloader Ever?

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Unlike all other tools that you can find on the net today Folx gets adapted to your wishes and needs. It’s a 3-in-1 solution that can have the title of torrent expert because it functions as a torrent download manager, torrent search and torrent client. Folx cancels the need to use web browsers, audio and video downloaders or other torrent tools.

Folx Torrentz Downloader

It easily puts tags on the downloaded files, so you can find them in a moment. Folx PRO allows you to regulate the upload and download speeds adjusting them to your individual needs and requirements. Downloading via magnet links that ensure anonymity, security and high speed is its vivid benefit. Not many torrent clients can use magnet links for file saving.

As a download manager Folx allows you to take control over your downloads the way you like. You can use any browsers with Folx. You can assign different tags to the torrents you are going to download, so you won’t waste time on searching for a required file on your PC. With Folx you can increase the download speed and receive the content faster. It’s very easy to do by splitting the downloads into threads. When split into smaller parts a file is easier to deliver to your computer. The app also resumes interrupted downloads, which means that you can close its window and stop the download process any time but later continue it without any quality loss.

Using Folx as a torrent search is definitely very convenient because you don’t need to google your file and surf through Google results to find exactly what you want. You should activate Folx PRO version to make the app find the required content for you. Follow some simple actions. Type in a file name or a keyword to the search box. Folx will instantly start browsing and returning you results. You will need to choose the item from the torrent list and press the Download button. The file will appear on your hard drive in the shortest time possible.

If you want not only to download torrent files but to control them as well, use Folx as a torrent client. With its help you will be able to create new torrents and share your content on torrent trackers. You can also assign tags on downloaded files, control the upload as well as download speeds and use magnet links for saving media. Magnet links make an excellent alternative to usual ones. They don’t track any information about users or torrents giving you full security and anonymity.

Torrentz Downloads Via VPN

A VPN connection is another great way to download files that are out of your reach. A Virtual Private Network is a tunnel that allows you to be online unseen by any tracking systems and organizations. This tunnel hides you from anyone and opens all doors to web resources. The best VPN providers were recognized CyberGhost, TunnelBear, NordVPN, etc.

You can use Folx torrent downloader for different Torrentz alternatives, such as Kickass, ExtraTorrent, The Pirate Bay, RARGB and others. Everything that Folx requires is a torrent link or keyword. If you want more from Folx, activate its PRO version. With Folx PRO you can plan your torrent downloads assigning a particular day and even hour for them. You can also use Folx as a password manager. It will remember your password and login details from all frequently visited torrent trackers, so the need to log in will be excluded. Folx PRO doesn’t limit your downloads control. By activating its full powers you can adjust the download speed to your requirements. You are able to decrease it allowing other apps to work good without freezes or increase it if your computer is focusing only on downloads. The paid version allows you to separate let’s say Torrentz downloads into music only and video plus music. It’s really convenient for those who value audio tracks more than video image and want to enjoy favorite soundtracks when driving or exercising or when there’s no possibility to watch the video.

Now you know the best ways how to download via Torrentz the files you like. If you know other solutions please spend some minutes and share them in your comments. We highly appreciate your feedback.

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