How to unblock sites and bypass Internet censorship

Getting a "Not available in your region" message is super annoying. Being restricted by media censorship is frustrating. Let's talk why something like that even happens. The reason for not being able to access certain things is online restrictions that are implemented based on your current location. Certain countries prevent certain information from circulating on their web. A lot of times it is caused by licensing and royalties. If you don't want to be bound by such restrictions, the good solution to bypass blocked websites and censorship on the Internet is using a virtual private network solution.

A virtual private network solution (abbreviated to VPN) is able to create a secure corridor between your computer and a server that can assign your machine a virtual IP and route all your traffic via that corridor. To all the Internet places you visit your virtual IP will be visible instead of your actual one, and it will look like your IP address originates from a location chosen in a VPN service.

Learn How to Unblock Sites Using the Best VPN Service

Even though the Internet was supposed to be a an informational highway to unite users from all over the world, we see that more and more websites come with restrictions from certain geographic areas. Especially video streaming platforms like Netflix, Showtime, Hulu or HBO GO but many other websites restrict their services to users from specific countries and that’s not at all fair.

If you too want a way to easily unblock sites and enjoy the Internet as it was supposed to be enjoyed, free and accessible to everyone, there’s a solution available: NordVPN. Using NordVPN you can unblock video sites and gain access to any other website that your Internet Service Provider blocks. Even more than that, NordVPN provides complete protection when you’re navigation on these sites, keeping all your browsing information safe and private.

Being the best answer to the so pressing questions asked by so many people “ how to unblock sites?”, NordVPN offers you full support in experiencing the freedom of the Internet, navigate safely thanks to its military-grade encryption and connect up to 6 devices using only one account. This software also provides unparalleled protection when you want to access torrent indexes and download content from the Internet via torrent files. It’s a all-in-one tool that aims to give the freedom of the Internet back to all its users.

You’ve probably noticed that even a worldwide platform like YouTube hosts some videos that are not accessible from some countries and territories. Well, by using NordVPN you will have no restrictions on what to watch and you will be able to unblock YouTube sites instantly. Even if you’re not being blocked to access a website, it’s still a great idea to use NordVPN in day-to-day navigation since it adds an extra layer of security, keeping all your information private from the prying eyes of the Internet Service Provider in your country.


How to get into blocked websites

Using a VPN service is probably the easiest and most universal solution. However you can give other options a try. For example you can bypass Firewalls using proxies. Proxy however is not exactly the same as VPN, as proxy lacks encryption, which protects a lot of your data. Also you can use remote access to your computer that is located outside of a restricted zone and access unfiltered web from there. Such solution might lag a bit though.

Another solution to browse a banned URL is converting it to a shorter URL and see if you can bypass Internet block.

And you can also try and access websites cache, as search engines like Google and Yahoo cache pages and store them on their servers. It is likely added to block list as well, but you can always try.