7 Methods to Unblock Torrentday Torrents

Torrentday is one of the most well-regarded private trackers on the internet. Unlike public trackers such as Kickass or Piratebay, private trackers require you to be a member to join in downloading and uploading content. The benefit though is that the content is much more reliable and the whole community is very active and cooperative, so private trackers like Torrent Day are often a far superior destination for finding the latest content from trustworthy sources. Like other trackers, however, you may still find them blocked by region or by your internet service provider, so here are 7 methods you can use to help maintain access to this fantastic tracker.

Torrenting in Complete Privacy Made Easy

It’s as easy as installing a VPN software on your computer to keep any curious eyes away from your browsing info. Since there are so many different VPN apps out there, we’re presenting you the best ones in 2020:

Torrentday Proxy Sites and Mirrors List 2019

https://www.torrentday.com/login.php Very Fast
http://torrentday.me Very Fast
https://tdonline.org/ Fast
https://torrentday.com/ Fast
Method 1: Torrentday Proxy Sites
One of the most straightforward ways to unblock Torrentday site access is with a proxy site. A Torrentday unblock proxy works by using a site with a different URL and web address to act as a middleman or waiter, if you like, that functions as a go-between from your network to the original site. In this way, it unblocks access by using a new IP address that hasn’t yet been blocked. It’s certainly one of the easiest ways to get around blocks, as you use it in much the same way as the original site. It’s not perfect though: stability can be a problem, and you can’t tell how long the site will remain accessible. Still, it’s a good choice to use for beginners in a hurry.
Unblock Torrentday site
Method 2: Virtual Private Network
One of the best way to unblock Torrentday.eu is to employ a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN is basically an encrypted tunnel that routes all the activity from your network through a different server, making it very hard for anyone to intercept incoming or outgoing packet data or otherwise monitor your bandwidth usage. Because your activity is being bounced through a variety of different IP addresses, you have a guarantee of privacy that it’s hard to find with different methods. Not to mention, it makes it very easy to unblock Torrentday and any other websites you might have trouble accessing due to ISP or territorial restrictions.
You may be able to find free VPNs available, but these can experience stability issues and can sometimes suffer from lower connection speeds, in addition to sometimes containing harmful malware or spyware.
The best choice is to pick a trustworthy premium VPN which rewards you with a faster service and better security, as well as some useful extras. Another useful function of a premium VPN is that you can download it to several different devices with a single account, so whether you’re using a smartphone, computer or tablet, you can still enjoy complete privacy and good value. You can’t go wrong with any of these are reputable VPN services that are very popular with a wide variety of users.
Method 3: Tor Network
Tor (short for The Onion Network) is a useful means to browse the internet anonymously. It routes your browsing traffic across its network of different servers that function as a mask between your computer and the endpoint of your browsing. If anyone tried to trace your activity back to you, they could only follow it back to one of the many randomized nodes that help comprise the Tor network.
To use Tor, you just download the special browser and surf as normal. The one drawback of Tor is that because data runs through so many different nodes it’s a lot slower service than some alternative methods available. You can still use it to unblock Torrentday and other sites, but for things like torrenting, a VPN is a faster and more efficient solution.

Method 4: Google Translate

You might not be aware of this, but you can actually use Google Translate to unblock Torrentday as a proxy as well. Simply visit translate.google.com, pick a language to translate from and select English as the language to translate into. Type the URL of Torrentday Torrents and hit enter to convert. This method is useful since Google Translate is typically unblocked with most ISPs and can be easily used to effectively bypass any browsing restrictions. Bear in mind, however, that this technique, like method #3, can frequently compromise the functionality of the site that you are trying to access.

Method 5: Public DNS Servers

This might not be the most reliable option on the list, but it’s still worth covering how to unblock Torrentday with public DNS servers. Some internet service providers choose to inhibit access to blocked websites by changing the settings on their DNS servers to route these requests elsewhere. If the restriction is only in place on the level of the DNS, then you can create a workaround by creating a custom DNS server on your computer that ignores the restrictions on the default DNS configuration. Using Google Public DNS helps convert all your DNS inquiries through a default DNS set up that doesn’t honor the restrictions of ISP DNS filtering, so this is by far an away the easiest solution to unblock Torrentday with a DNS strategy, plus it’s completely free and secure.

Method 6: Google Cache

This method is a little like using Google Translate. It allows users to access website URLs maintained with the domain name googleusercontent.com. Using this method, it can be possible to access sites without setting off restrictions with regards to parental controls, filtering and firewall software. Also, when you use cached results from your Google search engine you can similarly access classic.torrentday.com and unblock Torrentday proxy sites as well.

Method 7: Torrentday Alternatives

If for whatever reason you still can’t unblock Torrentday, or if you just can’t find a particular file on it, it’s good to know of some backups you can look elsewhere on. Try some of these well-established torrent sites to see if you’ll have better luck with a different tracker.

Piratebay (TPB) has long been the most famous torrent index around. It began life in Sweden in 2003 and has remained a firm favorite with both casual and hardcore torrent users. Thanks to the huge size of the file database, it’s still an essential destination for the latest releases in many different content categories, and there are always plenty of proxy servers available if you’re having connectivity issues.

Top 5 Best Piratebay Proxies and Mirrors:

TPB alternative to Torrentday
KAT alternative to Torrentday
Another firm favorite in the torrent community, KAT has changed with times over the course of the years, but it still retains the passionate community and clear interface that made it such a hit in the first place. It’s easy to track torrents by popularity and vote them up or down, plus there’s always lively activity in the comment sections so you can help figure out if a particular torrent will fit your needs.

Top 5 Best Kickass Proxies and Mirrors:

This site has been around since 2008, fuelled by uploaders who developed a strong reputation for providing up to date video content in particular, as well as strong submissions in other categories. The interface is one of the best around too, so this is a good pick for anyone looking for an efficient resource to get a lot of torrenting done in a hurry.

Top 5 Best RARGB Proxies and Mirrors:

RARGB alternative to TorrentDay
For a successful torrent site, fans need look no further than ExtraTorrent. Ten years after having hit the scene in 2006, in 2016 ExtraTorrent was for a period the most visited torrent site anywhere on the internet. It’s bounced around from different domain names quite a lot over the years, but remains instantly recognizable by the size of the massive file database that is still one of the biggest around.

Top Best ExtraTorrent Proxies and Mirrors:

With its strange name and hardcore following, 1337x (pronounced “leet”) can seem a little intimidating to outsiders, but it’s certainly worth investigating. The name comes from an old piece of hacker terminology, meaning “elite”, and the most active users of this site certainly help make it one of the better torrent sites currently available. Of particular interest is the user voting system, where other members can give points to other users, so it’s easy to find files from the most trustworthy members in the blink of an eye.

Top 5 1337x Proxies and Mirrors:

1337x alternative to TorrentDay


Torrentday is a great resource and offers a lot of perks that you won’t be able to find with other trackers. That’s why it’s worth taking the time to find a good way of accessing the content that will let you unblock Torrentday whenever and wherever you need it. While we feel a VPN is still by far and away the best option, we hope you’ll find some of the methods on this list useful, and feel free to share with anyone looking for new ways to unlock high-quality torrent options today.