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Proxy vs VPN

While browsing the vast expanses of the Internet is an exciting experience, it can also be unsafe in certain ways. So what can you do to enhance your web experience and get a safe and reliable Internet connection? Two solutions competing for users' attention are VPN and proxy server ones. Do you know which one is for you? Do you have a clear answer to "What is VPN" and "What is Proxy" questions? In this article we'll try to address both and put Proxy vs VPN in a brief but distinct comparison.

VPN and Proxy functions are quite similar - both services are designed to conceal user's identity on the web and to provide access to geo-restricted websites. However Proxy and VPN work differently, therefore the consequences are different. We'll try to compare them in a simple manner, read on to see the differences.


What is Proxy

A proxy server performs as an intermediary between a user and Internet. By using proxy you conceal your identity and it looks like they happen from a different IP address, not your actual one. With a proxy server you can only connect one proxy-enabled app at once, but can't configure your entire computer to use proxy.

Another important thing to note is that proxy does not encrypt your transmitted data, which leaves it vulnerable to attackers and snoopers. Your sensitive data is easily available to anyone looking to steal it.

Basically, proxy is okay for a low-level usage, like unblocking websites and avoiding geo-restrictions.

What is VPN

VPN server also conceals your actual IP address, which helps you avoid geo-restrictions and censorship. However, compared to proxy server, VPN offers wider possibilities for a better and safer online experience.

The most important difference from Proxy is the encryption option. When connected via VPN you are getting a tunneled connection that protects your incoming and outgoing traffic with encryption. A Cargo VPN software uses AES-128 and AES-256 encryption that is considered by the US government as a trusted top-level protection.

With a VPN server connecting to a public Wi-Fi spot, or carrying out business correspondence, or checking your bank account is much safer as your data passes through the tunnel and is cloaked from cyber criminals.

The conclusion

In our Proxy vs VPN comparison we don't have a slightest doubt which one is the winner. A VPN server is far more superior and offers an exquisite online freedom combined with privacy and security. When using a VPN connection you are staying undetected and safe from snoopers and hackers.