Yesmovies Not Working? Check A Full Range of Proxies and Alternatives

Yesmovies joins a select group of movie streaming websites that managed to withstand the test of time and grow in popularity and number of users with every year that passed. Being relatively new on the market, Yesmovies managed to avoid the attention of the big censorship entities that attacked other similar websites such as 123movies or Gomovies and continued to develop.

Don’t feel left out if this is the first time you hear about websites like Yesmovies since there’s a large portion of internet users that were made to believe it’s illegal to access such websites and several ISPs blocked access to the site. However, Yesmovies unblocked can be accessed from all territories with the proper approach and in the following sections of this article we’re going to address this exact subject. So, stay with us to discover how to access the newest and hottest movies and TV shows online, for free.

What is Yesmovies?

Yesmovies is an online platform that allows users access to the most recent TV shows, movies, documentaries and all sort of video content. If you want to download Yesmovies content everything is free of charge and all you need to do is access the website and choose your preferred movie or TV show. Yes, you read that right. Unless an unlikely situation of a Yesmovies down time, you will always be able to access your favorite content without needing an account or having to pay a cent for what you view or download.

Yesmovies does not only take pride in having a huge library of Hollywood movies, documentaries, TV shows and blockbusters, they also have a very well-documented sorting system that allows users to select only the content that is relevant to their wishes. Before committing to watching a movie on Yesmovies, you can take a quick look on the trailer or even a sample of the actual footage and decide if that’s what you need. In terms of quality you can rest assured knowing that they Yesmovies delivers different quality setting to meet all preferences or internet speeds. You can opt for the anything between 240p and 720p as long as your Internet connection can handle the data transfer.

Sometimes, even if your Internet connection is just fine you might notice Yesmovies not working and this can happen from a series of different reasons. We’re going to do an in-depth analysis on this subject in the following sections of this article as well as provide you with enough Yesmovies alternative websites.

Yesmovies - movie streaming website
Is Yesmovies Legal?

Just like with all similar websites that offer copyright-protected TV shows and movies for free to their users, Yesmovies needs to be aware of some legal issues that appear in the process. There’s no telling how they collected the movies made available on the platform or how exactly they’re providing the free free streaming service. So, you might as well assume that Yesmovie isn’t exactly a ‘by the book’ website. But all that doesn’t mean that it is against the law to access it since all the entities or associations that are after such websites are all about hitting the owners and making the site disappear, no actions are taken against users.

No matter if using websites like Yesmovies is legal or not, you should always be prepared for the event in which access to the website isn’t available anymore. That’s why you should always be aware of at least one valid Yesmovies alternative and, if you’re not already up to date on this subject, we’re going to provide you with several options at the end of this article.

One thing is certain though: as long as these video streaming websites will generate enough income to their owners, there will be a constant interest from owners to keep them operational through proxies, mirrors and other such workarounds. Also, reported strictly to the laws of Singapore where Yesmovies operates, there’s nothing illegal to the activity of the website since they’re not breaking any local laws. If the US authorities want to try and take the site down, they’ll have to contact the local authorities and provide sufficient reasons to start an operation against Yesmovies.

How to Safely Access Yesmovies? VPNs, Proxies and Mirror Sites

Somehow linked with the previous chapter of our article, the discussion around safety on Yesmovies is also a hot subject. And just like the answer regarding the legality of Yesmovies, when talking about safety the answer is, once again, split. You can rest assured knowing that the website doesn’t contain any bogus links or malware of any kind. Even if you get some ads, pop-ups and pop-unders, there’s nothing at risk regarding your data and privacy while navigating on Yesmovies unblocked. On the other hand, the simple fact that it streams video content that is protected by copyright policies, makes the website unavailable in certain territories. Again, this doesn’t meant that you’re not safe while navigating on it, however, you might want to take some measures to ensure a secure navigation.

One of the safest way to make sure you’re 100% protected against any unwanted consequences is using a VPN service. In case you’re not already familiar with what a VPN does, it basically creates a virtual private network that makes it almost impossible for ISPs to detect you while accessing Yesmovies and other sites like Yesmovies.

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of finding a reliable VPN service, you can access Yesmovies securely through one of the proxy servers and mirror sites that are available online. We’ve put together a list with the most recent proxy sites available at the moment of writing this article, however, you should keep in mind that these websites get closed and new ones are added on a daily basis.

So, if you ever deal with Yesmovies not working, try one of the following proxy sites and get instant access to the same high-quality content you’re used with:

Remember that any of these proxies might be blocked by your ISP provider if they got the order to do so. When a streaming website is blocked by the ISP they also lock all the known proxies up to the date of the action. However, as previously advised, there are fresh proxies added daily and even if with the blocked ones, using a VPN service will take you out of the pickle.

The Best Yesmovies Alternatives

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try with VPN software, proxies and mirror websites, you won’t be able to access Yesmovies. This can happen due to multiple reasons, starting with the regulatory authorities winning the fight against the websites or the ISPs being so efficient in blocking all the mirrors and proxies as soon as they are created. Even though this is not a likely situation, you should know that there are several other websites like Yesmovies that you can access. Here are the most popular ones:


If you’re not new to the scene of movie and TV show streaming websites, you must have heard about Gomovies before. Launched as a clone of 123movies, it quickly registered a record number of monthly users and, despite the efforts of different authorities to bring it down, it continues to thrive. Just like with accessing Yesmovies unblocked, you can use different proxies and mirrors to navigate on Gomovies as well. Also, a VPN software could prove to be very useful in your efforts of keeping the entire navigation private.

Yesmovies Alternative - Gomovies

Another great Yesmovies alternative comes from the similar website, Solarmovie. In your search for websites like Yesmovies, this is a definite must. Everything from the design, sorting algorithm, movies presentation as well as the search function is made to be user-friendly and offer you the best online experience. Whenever you notice Yesmovies down, you can head towards Solarmovie or one of its proxy websites for, at least, the same quality and diversity when it comes to Hollywood movies and TV shows.

Yesmovies Alternative - Solarmovie

If you already tried several times to download Yesmovies content and failed, it’s time to take a look on Every piece of content you could watch on Yesmovies is going to also be available on as well, totally free and without needing an account. The best part about is that it also has a lot of mirror website and proxies just in case the main website is not available. So, no matter how you look at it, the chances of you not being able to enjoy all the latest movies and TV shows are very slim. By using or any other of the mentioned alternatives you can be sure that all the latest movies are just a few clicks away.

Yesmovies Alternative - IOMovies

Last in our list of websites like Yesmovies, but definitely not least, Popcorn Time is another veteran of the movie streaming industry. Being around as early as 2010 the term ‘veteran’ is no exaggeration considering the ever-tougher copyright regulations adopted in the online environment. But not only that Popcorn Time managed to stay strong as an Yesmovies alternative, they also diversified their offer into multiple websites and also added a built-in support for a Virtual Private Network software and is mobile-friendly at the same time. Being constantly updated with content and fixes, Popcorn Time is, without doubt, one of the best Yesmovies alternative.

Yesmovies Alternative - Popcorn Time