New Working Torrent Search Sites in 2020

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Downloading torrent files doesn’t have to be something you do worrying your ISP will collect data from your computer. Just use a VPN app and you’ll be in complete safety

If you ever downloaded a torrent file, you know there are plenty of options when it comes to torrent sites. The amount of data is incredible and in order to find exactly the file you need, you will have to do a good torrent search. Luckily for users, quite a lot of torrent sites have rebranded themselves by being transformed into a torrent search site. In other words, these websites do not hos the torrent files but help you to look through other domains and find the type of torrent you need. So, whenever you need to do search torrent database for a certain file, you should know at least one reliable torrent search tool to make the process a lot easier. In this article, we are going to explore the different options you have to search for torrents and how to make sure your connection is always private and away from any curious eyes.

List of the best torrent search tools


First in our list of top torrent search sites, Torrentz2 is a familiar name for many torrent users out there. It works on the platform of Torrentz, one of the biggest torrent search engines that stopped working a while back. However, since the need for powerful search sites is constant, some fans of the Torrentz project decided to revive it and thus the Torrentz2 site appeared. The user interface is simple with a big search bar on the homepage and you can always count on the search speed and accuracy when using Torrentz2.

  • Main advantages. Incredibly strong torrent search site; Crawls a database of over 60 million torrents.
  • How Can It Be Improved? There’s nothing we can think of, this website is complete.
Torrentz2 search tool comes with a new approach compared to what you have seen so far on torrent search sites. Instead of showing a search bar on the homepage, this torrent files search tool delivers graphs of search trends and a lot of other useful analytical info. It’s incredible how much information this website delivers and even though it may seem a bit complicated at first, you will get the hang of it in no time.

  • Main advantages. Instant access to over 600 torrent sites at once.
  • How Can It Be Improved? Delivering a simplified version would be a good idea for basic users. search site

Whenever you want to perform a torrent search, make sure to keep TorrentSeeker as an options. It delivers a robust search function based on a custom-made Google search that locates torrents files on more than 100 torrent websites. The user interface is easy to use and self-explanatory and even though the number of results it generates can feel a bit too much at times, you will discover its full power.

  • Main advantages. Neat User Interface; Customized search results; a huge database.
  • How Can It Be Improved? Additional filtering options after the search results are displayed.
TorrentSeeker search website

Our next torrent search site is Google-inspired and proud of it. Even the name of the website was formed by joining ‘Google’ and ‘Torrent’, resulting in ‘Toorgle’. Similar to Torrentz2, the only thing you will see on their homepage is the search bar and the search speed is top-notch with numerous results generated instantly. The categories and filtering options make it a lot easier to go through the generated results and find exactly the content you are looking for.

  • Main advantages. Over 450 websites crawled at once; appealing User Interface.
  • How Can It Be Improved? No suggestions here, this website delivers a complete experience.
Toorgle search website

Veoble is the fifth suggestion in our search torrent list. The general theme of this website is black and it gives it a neat and appealing look. In terms of torrent search, it is a very potent tool that is enjoying a lot of popularity. It works based on customized Google searches and it comes with a built-in image search function as well. The multiple filtering options make it easier to find exactly the torrent you were looking for and the extra info on the health of torrents is also very helpful.

  • Main advantages. Custom Google search function; multiple high-quality torrent sources included; added filters.
  • How Can It Be Improved? The website delivers a great experience, however, fewer ads would make it perfect.
Veoble torrent search site

Xtorx is a very interesting bit torrent search website that delivers a genuine experience through a minimalistic homepage. You get a big search bar that, as you type in your query, generates results and even suggestions. This makes it very similar to what Google is offering. The instant search is excellent, however, it could benefit from some extra filtering. However, they fixed that by delivering the original URL in the search results, just like Google does.

  • Main advantages. No ads; fast and accurate search; easy to use interface.
  • How Can It Be Improved? Nothing we could identify that would make this website even better.
Xtorx torrent search tool

Continuing our top torrent search sites, we have Snowfl. In case this makes you think about snowfall, you have all the right to do so since the name certainly looks inspired from there. You get a tidy and clean user interface with the search bar and some ads that are not annoying. The speed is excellent, being based on customized Google searches and another big plus comes from the fact that the top results are usually delivered from The Pirate Bay.

  • Main advantages. Multiple filters; lightning-fast search results.
  • How Can It Be Improved? The filtering options can get confusing for new users, a bit more info on how they work would be appreciated.
Snowfl torrent search engine

Another torrent search site that sounds similar to Google. If you are expecting a Google-like homepage, you will be disappointed. Zoogle looks more like YouTube than Google with a lot of images on the first page. The search bar is situated in the top-left corner of the screen while the remaining screen surface is covered with thumbnails. Those are the most popular searches on the website and clicking them will allow you to directly download that content. In case of a TV show, you will get the option to directly download certain episodes or seasons, without even having to search for it.

  • Main advantages. Easy to use interface; contains all types of torrents; additional filtering possibilities.
  • How Can It Be Improved? This website functions at its maximum capacity.
Zoogle torrent search site

If you are in love with the way Torrentz looked but can’t get access to Torrentz2 for some reason, there is another alternative for you. TorrentZeta does not only replicate Torrentz, it actually comes with a real-time display of the search results with included info on the health of the torrent file. The minimal amount of ads displayed on navigation is also a nice touch.

  • Main advantages. Interface similar to Torrentz; huge database; fast results.
  • How Can It Be Improved? Some extra categories after displaying the search results would help to make everything look tidier.
TorrentZeta search site

The Pirate Bay is the big star of the torrent search sites and was the website that revamped the entire movement back in 2003. Naturally, they rapidly became the number 1 torrent site and enjoyed millions of users. Its unmistakable homepage features a big pirate ship and a search bar that got it the nickname ‘Google of Torrents’.

  • Main advantages. The most known torrent search site.
  • How Can It Be Improved? Nothing could make The Pirate Bay better than it already is.
TPB torrent search site

Another great example of how a solid torrent search site should look like. Even though it has a curious name, RARBG delivers a very neat and easy-to-use interface, a fact that becomes clear right from the homepage. Finding your favorite torrents is easy to do and you can choose from the several filtering options after you get the first set of results. The pre-defined categories are also extremely useful and the end result is an excellent site that you can rely on to find any torrent you may be looking for.

  • Main advantages. Very friendly user interface; huge torrent database.
  • How Can It Be Improved? We could not identify anything that can be improved on RARBG.
RARBG torrent search site

With a very intriguing name, 1337x sounds like a code of some sort. However, you are looking at an exceptional site for searching torrents. You will find all types of content here, however, if you want movies and TV-shows, this is the place to be.

  • Main advantages. Excellent for TV series and movies; immense torrent database.
  • How Can It Be Improved? The hosting could use a little attention as the website is down sometimes.
1337x top search site is our last suggestion for torrent search website, however, this does not make it less effective. You are actually looking at a clone of the KAT torrent index. Abbreviated from KickAss Torrents, they were the leaders of torrents for a good portion back in the days. When the site stopped working, the community made a great effort and created this clone to make the legacy go on.

  • Main advantages. An impressive database of torrents; KAT clone.
  • How Can It Be Improved? Nothing, really. torrent search site

Stay safe while torrenting with a VPN app

Whenever you search and download a torrent file it is recommended that you do so while being protected by a VPN software. For those of our readers that are new to the entire world of torrenting and VPNs, we have the pleasure to briefly explain how a VPN works and what are the benefits of performing a search torrent while having VPN software active. A VPN works by creating a Virtual Private Network inside the public one provided by your ISP in order to keep all the data you send and receive safe and private. In other words, your Internet Service Provider will not gain access to information like what websites you access and your activity on them, it will look like all that activity came from a different region. Performing a bit torrent search while using a VPN is the best way to go and such software can be used every time you go online in case you want to add an extra layer of security.

Final Thoughts

As you see, there are countless torrent sites out there and the need for a good search site is undeniable. Without having a trusty search site, you can lose hours on a row finding the content you are looking for. That won’t happen now since you have 14 excellent examples of torrent search websites you can use whenever you wish.