Looks Like Pirate Bay Is Trying Out a Streaming Service Once Again

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World-famous torrent site The Pirate Bay has been leading a battle to deliver free content - mostly TV shows and movies - to users around the world. After leading a constant battle against censorship, The Pirate Bay looks like offering a new option for its users - streaming. Whenever this option is available, a green button will become available next to the download button on The Pirate Bay. This will enable the “Play now using Baystream” option. Wondering what is BayStream? It allows you to easily stream videos directly in the browser. And even though it’s not yet 100% clear who is in charge of BayStream, or their connection to The Pirate Bay, by the time its functionality is established, this aspect will also be clear.

It’s not the first attempt from the Pirate Bay to enter the streaming world. 2016 is the year when they enabled Torrents Time. This was a plug-in that offered in-browser streaming but it wasn’t always of the best quality. And while Torrents Time appears to still be online, it’s not available on The Pirate Bay anymore. We need to also remember the BayFiles file-sharing platform attempt launched by The Pirate Bay that was shut down after the Swedish police raided their servers. Luckily BayFiles is yet again available under new ownership.

As the number of streaming platforms is increasing, access to content becomes harder and progressively costly, which has raised worries about a potential ascent in piracy and other unlawful options. And while piracy is mostly focused on popular titles like The Mandalorian or Game of Thrones that are exclusive to specific streaming platforms, it can affect other franchises as well.

Disney+'s The Mandalorian is anticipated to turn into the most pirated TV show of the year and may even outperform Game of Thrones to turn into the most pirated show in history. Game of Thrones' season 8 debut had more than three-fold the number of pirated views in the initial 24 hours compared to the views it got through the official HBO streaming service, with the greater part of those pirated views originating from illicit streams, as indicated by Muso. On the off chance that The Pirate Bay includes a straightforward streaming option, it'll likely just further those patterns.