ETTV Unblocked and Mirror Site List

ETTV is a treasure trove of content for fans looking for the latest video content for peer-to-peer downloading. However, enjoying an ETTV series can be difficult when dealing with ISP restrictions and other roadblocks to your access. That when it comes in useful to know some proxy sites and download mirrors that will allow you to bypass obstacles and continue to enjoy the latest file sharing opportunities.
More About ETTV
ETTV is one of the most exciting peer-to-peer distribution groups to have come along in a while. They started off working from ExtraTorrent, but when that site shut down they decided to start their own site. Joining forces with like-minded uploaders such as ETHD and others, they officially launched their own site in 2017, and have been growing in popularity ever since. Although they distribute their releases on other popular torrent indexes, their own ETTV website is the best place to go for the most anticipated up to date releases.
 ETTV proxy site
ETTV Proxy Sites and Mirrors
It’s quite common for ISP blocks or territorial restrictions to impact your ability to access a torrent index, and that’s where an ETTV proxy comes in. A proxy site routes your internet enquiries through a different server over to the site you want to access, functioning like a middleman so that it doesn’t appear that you’re trying to access a blocked IP address.
Mirror sites function in a similar fashion, hosting a copy of a site’s original torrent index on a different website that you presumably haven’t been blocked from accessing yet. Both of these methods are great for unlocking access so you can continue to enjoy ETTV TV shows and other kinds of content.
Downloading ETTV Movies
One of the reasons that ETTV has proven such a hit with torrent fans and become popular so quickly is that they have a reputation for uploading high quality content as soon as it’s available for distribution. When you download movies or enjoy ETTV live streaming, you can be certain that you’ll be getting high definition video content with top quality encoding at very economical file sizes.
For TV fans, ETTV Game of Thrones releases are always something to get excited about, and it’s one of the best places to watch that program and other exciting new TV shows and movies as soon as they’re on the air.

5 Best ETTV Alternatives

If you can’t find the file you're looking for in the ETTV website, you might have to search elsewhere. Check out any of these popular torrent indexes for good alternatives that might have the content you need.

One of the most frequently searched for torrent terms anywhere on the internet, EZTV is another peer-to-peer distribution group with a great reputation for going the extra mile with their TV releases. They started all the way back in 2005 which makes them pretty old for a torrent group, but thanks to their reputation for top quality TV and film releases they’ve managed to maintain a high level of popularity. The only drawback is that the interface is a little idiosyncratic and come take some getting used to, but once you know how to navigate your way around you’ll find a wealth of great content to access.

Top 5 Best EZTV Proxies and Mirrors:

 EZTV alternative to ETTV
 1337x alternative to ETTV
The name for this site can seem a bit confusing at first. It’s actually pronounced “leet” (short for “elite), an old term file sharing communities used in the very earliest days of the internet. However odd the name is, it’s a good fit for this site, which sets itself apart from other torrent sites thanks to a very hardcore community of contributors who keep the site regularly updated with new content. While it might not have the biggest torrent index around, the files you do get all tend to be of a very high quality. Another thing that makes this site so great is that users have a system where they can award each other ranking points if they like someone’s uploads, so you can get straight to the source of top quality files from trustworthy users with no delay.

Top 5 Best 1337X Proxies and Mirrors:

The Pirate Bay
For many fans of peer-to-peer file sharing, the first name that comes to mind is The Pirate Bay (TPB). Having appeared in 2003, it’s certainly one of the oldest surviving torrent indexes around. Due to its popularity with both casual and more experience torrent fans, it has one of the biggest databases of active files available to torrent anywhere, which makes it a good place to look for more obscure files and media content across a huge range of categories. Another useful side-effect of the popularity of TPB is that there are always a huge range of proxies and mirror sites available to use elsewhere if you find you’re having trouble gaining access.

Top Best Piratebay Proxies and Mirrors:

 TPB alternative to ETTV
 KAT alternative to ETTV
While other torrent sites have come and gone over the years, Kickass (KAT) has always managed to stay on top of things, although the site has jumped around different domain names over the years. What hasn’t changed, however, it its ability to offer users top quality file sharing in a very diverse range of different categories. It’s a great peer-to-peer allrounder with plenty to offer users in all areas, all wrapped up in a very user-friendly interface. Another feature of KAT that’s useful is the comment sections that always feature a lot of active contributors, so you can find out how secure a file is and get the technical details easily to see if it suits your needs.

Top Best KAT Proxies and Mirrors:

Limetorrents doesn’t function in the same way as most of the other torrent sites. Where other sites function as a torrent file index that host files on their own servers, Limetorrents works a little like a torrent search engine. It’ll return results from other sites that you can then click on to get to the download page. What’s useful about Limetorrent is that it can bring you a great deal of search results very quickly, which saves you having to go from torrent site to torrent site trying to track down a particular file. While some users might have concerns about the security of being redirected to third-party sites, Limetorrents also has a search function that only returns results from verified users, so it’s a site that can come in handy in a lof of different situations.

Top LimeTorrents Proxies and Mirrors:

 LimeTorrents alternative to ETTV

Why Are VPNs Vital for Torrenting?

Using proxies and mirror sites to get around restrictions on your torrenting are a useful short-term solution, but they do have their disadvantages. With a proxy, you never know how stable the site is and how long it’s going to remain active for, plus they can sometimes occasionally come with some security issues or actually turn out to be a fake proxy. A virtual private network (VPN) is a much more secure solution. It channels all your bandwidth usage through a remote server, making your internet activity all but impossible to track, and because it looks like your using your internet from different IP addresses it also bypasses any internet access restrictions your connection might usually be subject to, so if you want to do something like enjoy the latest Game of Thrones ETTV file in complete confidence, a VPN is the best way to make that happen. Whilst you can get free VPNs, investing in a premium service will grant you much better speed and stability, as well as enhanced security across all your connected devices.

How Can You Rate a Torrent Tracker?

  1. Year Established: This is a useful kind of all-around “reliability meter” for torrent sites. The longer the site has been around, the better it’s been able to withstand shutdown issues, so the more likely it is to keep providing quality file sharing into the future.
  2. Popular Content Formats: Whether it’s containers like mp4 or FLAC files for audio files, or mkv. and HVAC files for video, this is a test we put for the ease of use that torrent sites provide.
  3. Supports Instant Downloads: This is where we let you know whether a torrent site supports instantaneous downloads or just makes you use torrent files and magnet links.
  4. Mirrors/ Alternate URLs/ IPs: We consider IP address access parameters and mirror site domain origins that can provide you alternative options for getting around potential access obstructions created by your ISP.
  5. Number of Torrents: We count the amount of total files on offer from a specific torrent database at the time of putting our lists together, so you can easily see the best destination sites for the maximum amount of file downloading options.
  6. Speed Test: We make the most of the speed tests available from ExpressVPN to find out which sites have the most time-saving file sharing options, and display the results beneath every corresponding torrent index (based on a 100MB/s fibrewire connection).

These are some of the methods that can make it far more easier to access the ETTV website. Whichever method you choose, it’s worth persevering as ETTV is one of the most exciting and responsive torrent databases currently operating in 2019. Let us know if you’ve found these tips useful in the comment section below, and if you have, share them with anyone else who is looking to enjoy top quality peer-to-peer file sharing methods.