Top EZTV Mirror Sites and Proxy Servers

Don’t worry if you are unable to access EZTV. These proxies are tested with every possible internet connection so that it works perfectly for every single ISP at any corner of the world. You can also report if the proxies mentioned below do not work properly.
About EZTV
Before getting to know about the best EZTV proxy list, get an idea about EZTV and why it is so popular.
EZTV is one of the favorite sites for downloading the ripped off torrents. The specialty of this site is that it does not seed any torrents which are not popular and are less downloaded by peers. This site also provides the space for users to discuss TV shows. The users also request for shows in the forums. EZTV has been ranked as one of the best sites to download torrents in the year 2014 by TorrentFreak. The design of this site is a tad bit old fashioned but it has not lost its enigmatic style. However, if you’re wondering how to bypass this blocks, a EZTV proxy or EZTV mirror is the answer.
Steps to access EZTV with VPN
VPN is the method by which you can get EZTV unblock. The mirror sites and the proxy sites of the EZTV can be used to access EZTV. However If you don’t want your ISP or other third party to learn that you’re browsing EZTV, you should try VPN services.
Virtual Private Network abbreviated as VPN is a private network. This private network is spread across the public network. When the users send or receive data using the VPN, it feels like using a private network. When you are accessing EZTV using VPN network, no one else can view your activities. Of course, this doesn’t mean that if you access EZTV unblock website via VPN, everything you do is 100% safe.

Best alternatives for EZTV

Kickass torrents
Launched in the year 2008, the Kickass torrents have become one of the most used torrent sites. 9 main categories along with various subdivisions are provided to facilitate easier access. While the other torrent sites use the index system to rank the shows, Kickass torrents use the user voting system. Kickass is famous all over the world owing to the fact that it is available in 45 different languages of the world. The users are engaged to involve actively in the forum. The active users are also provided with achievement certificates. This makes it a very good alternative for a EZTV proxy site.

List of best Kickass torrents mirrors and proxy:

  Kickass torrents
Though this torrents site has been around for quite some time, it has not become very popular. But if you ask any ardent gamers, they would immediately mention that this is the best site to download exciting games. This site has a massive database of which many are not aware of. Of course not only games are available on the site. It comes as a good alternative for any EZTV mirror since It has a great base ofdifferent kinds of torrents. This site also provides an intimation if the download is not healthy. This can save a lot of time and data of the user.

List of best LimeTorrents mirrors and proxy:
The can be called the mother of all torrents. is the torrents site that accumulates all the torrents from the major torrent sites on the internet. It is more or less a storehouse of torrent sites which segregates shows and other content from other torrent sites. There are about 61 million torrents from 96 million domains.

List of best Torrentsz2 mirrors and proxy:

If you want to know the entire detail about the file you are downloading, then you must prefer using the RARBG torrent. There are a lot of mirror sites available for RARBG. These torrents were launched in the year 2008 and the various content is arranged in an orderly manner.

List of best RARBG mirrors and proxy:

This is the torrents site where everything is kept and run secretively. This site uses the age-old method where people are not ready to reveal their identity but they keep accessing the various contents of these sites. The best part about this torrent site is the variety of options provided in the categories list. A number of proxy and mirror sites are also available for 1337x.

List of best 1337x mirrors and proxy: