Top Mirror Sites for Extratorrent to Access in 2020

Everyone has a favourite movie, TV series or game that likes to talk about with somebody. And with the internet at your fingertips, the digital content has never been more accessible. One of the best sources is a torrent site and Extratorrent is a very good example here.

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List of the Best Extratorrent Mirror Sites and Proxies

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Extratorrent mirror

What is Extratorrent?

Extratorrent, or shortly known as ET, is a torrent indexing site where users can find a variety of digital content. Whether you are looking for entertainment media, such as movies or games, or for software, a torrent website like Extratorrent is the right place to be. Just like most torrent sites, Extratorrent was based on one simple principle: peer to peer file sharing among its users. Even though it has been through a lot during the past years, including the loss of three main domain names which were used for mirroring, it managed to stay alive and continued to offer users high resolution digital content.

Extratorrent mirror

Due to the large number of people accessing the website on a daily basis and on the traffic on the site, in 2016 Extratorrent became the second-largest site of torrent files, after The Pirate Bay, in the world.

Unfortunately, due to certain reasons, the original website is no longer available in the World Wide Web, as the owners voluntarily decided in May 2017 to cease the activity of the site. Instead, users can always resort to Extratorrent mirror alternatives, as these replicas have been appearing on the internet ever since.

Difference between mirror and proxy

Mirror websites are basically replicas of another site. They have a similar (nearly identical) interface, same functionality and features, and same content.

Why do these mirror websites appear if there is already a site that has all features integrated?

One of the main reasons is that these mirror sites for Extratorrent, in this case, improve access speed and availability of the original site and help reduce network traffic, which may significantly lower the performance of a site, especially of a torrent indexing one.

On the other hand, proxy servers are all types of computers that provide access to the World Wide Web from wherever you are. You may consider them some sort of intermediary elements, devices that connect a network with an end destination. In order to better understand it, the best example here is downloads.

Why one may need an Extratorrent mirror site

As mentioned above, the main purpose of a mirror site is to replicate another website. The same goes for any Extratorrent mirror site you may found out there on the Internet.

How Extratorrent mirror sites work? The same as the original one. You simply access the link, search for the movies, games or software that you’re interested in and push the download button.

It may happen sometimes that users cannot access the site and there may be various reasons why this occurs. Sometimes, due to certain internal issues, the good functionality of the site is prevented. Other times, the site is not accessible to people from other countries.

While it’s true that most of these issues are usually announced on the site, whenever this happens you have to be prepared and to know which Extratorrent backup alternative mirror site and which proxy server to opt for in order to benefit from the same great results.

Another great advantage of these mirror sites is that some of them may offer the chance to download dubbed movies. This means that you can watch your favourite movies or TV series in your native language, without having to figure out what that actor said at that super-important moment.

What’s the best Extratorrent working mirror alternative to choose?

There are several Extratorrent working mirror sites that experts recommend and the best one can only be established by you, in accordance with your needs and interest. Here’s an Extratorrent mirror list of 5 of the most known sites.

Torrentz alternative for Extratorrent


Torrentz – this metasearch engine based in Finland is a great alternative for Extratorrent, especially as it gathered various torrents from other bigger torrent sites, providing users with compilations of trackers available on each torrent file.

Top 5 Best Torrentz Proxies and Mirrors:

Torrentz alternative for Extratorrent
KAT alternative for Extratorrent
KAT alternative for Extratorrent


Kickass – being released during the hard times of the Pirate Bay, this torrent site knew rapid growth and development and is a reliable alternative to Extratorrent.

Top Best Kickass Proxies and Mirrors:

Piratebay alternative for Extratorrent


Pirate Bay – everyone who has downloaded at least once in their lifetime a torrent file has heard of the Pirate Bay, the greatest torrent site in history. Nowadays, there are various mirrors of the site you can resort to.

Top 5 Best Piratebay Proxies and Mirrors:

Piratebay alternative for Extratorrent
1337x alternative for Extratorrent
1337x alternative for Extratorrent


1337x – experts say that on 1337x you can find the same high resolution and high quality digital content as on the Pirate Bay.

Top Best 1337x Proxies and Mirrors:

As it can be seen, even though the original Extratorrent site is down, there are numerous reliable mirror alternatives you can resort to. Regardless of the type of digital content you’re interested in, whether it is a movie, a game or software, it is at one click away.