Torrentz2 Proxy Sites - Complete List of Working Links

If you can’t access Torrentz, you shouldn’t be too worries. However, you can now access it through one of the torrentz proxy sites that you can access below. Now you have a reliable way to unblock torrentz and get access instantly.
Info on Torrentz
After many torrent sites were launched all across the world, the introduction of a search engine to browse through all the available torrent files was needed. As with everything else on the internet, not all torrents trackers have content that is suited for you and going through all that data can take some time. That’s why Torrentz was launched, to help indexing all those torrent files available online. Often being referred to as the Google of torrent search, torrentz lists the best-suited results for your search. However, Torrentz is not that easy to access now. And even if they changed their name to Torrentz2, the need for a reliable Torrentz eu proxy to access the website is required.
Torrentz2 - How Does it Work?
Torrentz2 is a basically a search engine for torrent files. It accesses the value or hash table of different torrent sites out there. No matter if you’re accessing the site through a torrentz eu mirror or any other way, it will help you get info from all torrent sites across the globe. The Torrentz proxy website checks peers and seeders from different torrent trackers to provide you with full info regarding the health and availability of the torrent. Thus, you can get all the needed info on the health of a torrent.
That’s extremely helpful since now you can rely on a proxy torrentz to always deliver high-quality torrents from across the web. Using a torrentz2 proxy will also allow you to access its comments section where different users leave their feedback regarding the quality of the downloaded content.
How to access Torrentz2 with a VPN
Getting access to the torrentz proxy website or a mirror is a great workaround, however, it has its downsides. The biggest of them all is that the torrentz2 proxy doesn’t really offer a good level of protection.
You can get passed that by using a VPN. It’s a private network that can be used on a public network and enables users receive and send that making it look like they’re directly connected to the public network.
By using the Torrentz2 website with a VPN service, your browsing is hidden from any other entities and everything you do online stays safe. Now, just because you’re using a VPN, don’t think that you can do whatever you want.
To back-up the idea from above, for complete safety and making sure you are 100% protected, it is a good idea to invest in a high-quality VPN provider. Here are some good examples: NordVPN, CyberGhost VPN, IPVanish, VyprVPN, ExpressVPN, TunnelBear, Windscribe, Hotspot Shield.
Best Torrentz2 alternatives

Kickass Torrents

If you don’t want to use a torrentz eu proxy and are in need of an alternative, Kickass torrents is what you need. Being launched in 2008, it represents one of the leading torrent sites out there. With a complete database of more than 10 million of torrents that continues to grow daily, Kickass is really awesome. It also comes with an API and a wonderful indexing system with more than 9 different categories. The quality of the torrents is also assured by a community-voting system that rate torrents not only by health but also by relevance. If you can’t find what you are looking for, Kickass torrents has a dedicated request section where you can make special requests for your favorite torrents.

Kickass Mirror Sites:

  Kickass torrents
 The Pirate Bay
Another great alternative for proxy torrentz, The Pirate Bay is one of the oldest public torrent databases available on the Internet. Actually, if you come to think about the comparison we previously did between torrentz2 proxy being like a Google for torrentz, The Pirate Bay takes it to the next level. It actually looks a lot like the Google search page and it comes with an extensive list of categories.You can find a long list for The Pirate Bay proxy sites as well as mirrors.

Pirate Bay Mirror Sites: has a great history behind it. It’s not an accident that it is offered as an alternative for torrentz eu mirror. Visitors of this torrent website can upload torrents and one of their advantages comes from having high quality torrents and an extremely user-friendly website coupled with a vibrant community. Extra Torrent remains one of the largest bittorrent systems.

ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites:

Not exactly similar with a torrentz proxy website, EZTV still does a great job in a similar domain.You can access EZTV through one of their .it or .cz domains and there are many others across the world. The website, despite having tons of content, is very easy to navigate. There’s a big list of suggested content right on the homepage but if you are looking for something particular, simply use the search function. You also get a dropdown list with the most common genres of content as well as the most popular ones. Just like with a torrentz eu mirror, the content found on EZTV is constantly reviewed and refreshed for you to have the most recent appearances.

EZTV Mirror Sites: is the only official source for YTS YIFY movies and that makes it a niche torrent site. If you haven’t heard about the YTS YIFY movies, you should start watching some right away because they are renowned for their small file size and extremely high quality. Mirror Sites: